Best tennis shoes for supination 2023

Hunting for top-notch tennis shoes for supination? You’re in the right spot! This buying guide has all the latest options. We’ll provide you with the details, features, advantages and disadvantages of each shoe. So you can hit the court with reassurance.

 Best tennis shoes for supination 2023

  1. Brooks tennis Shoe(Editor’s Pick)
  2. New Balance 481 V3 tennis Shoe(Best Overall)
  3. Brooks 14 tennis shoe(Budget Friendly)
  4. STQ Air Cushion tennis Shoe
  5. Xero tennis Shoe
  6. GANNOU US5.5-11 tennis Shoe
  7. DUOYANGJIASHA tennis Shoe

1) Brooks tennis Shoe

Best tennis shoes for supination

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The Brooks Tennis Shoe is a great supination shoe. Open-engineered air mesh makes the upper lightweight and breathable for ultimate play comfort. The interior is snug and secure to reduce shoe irritation.

3D Printing for Perfect Fit

3D Fit Print technology ensures the Brooks Tennis Shoe fits perfectly. This revolutionary innovation moulds the shoe to your foot for better support and injury prevention.

Superior Comfort Cushioning

The Brooks Tennis Shoe’s cushioning design alleviates supination pain during games. The detachable foam insole cushions feet and joints. For match-weary players, this tool is a game-changer.

All-Gender Cushioning

Brooks’ gender-neutral cushioning accommodates men and women tennis players. It assures every athlete, regardless of gender, feels comfortable and supported on the court.

Excellent Traction

The Brooks Tennis Shoe’s soft blown rubber outsole improves court grip. You can move quickly and change directions without losing your balance.

Long-Term Investment

For supination sufferers looking for comfort, support, and durability, the Brooks Tennis Shoe is a great alternative. 3D Fit Print and its lightweight, breathable construction ensure a great fit. Cushioning and gender-friendly features ensure comfort for men and women. The soft blown rubber outsole improves grip and traction, boosting performance and game. With the Brooks Tennis Shoe, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort or support on the court.

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  1. Lightweight and breathable open-engineered air mesh upper
  2. 3D Fit Print technology for a perfect fit
  3. Removable foam insole for cushioning
  4. Gender-friendly cushioning
  5. Soft blown rubber outsole for superior grip and traction
  6. Product Dimensions of 10 x 15 x 6 inches; 2 Pounds”


Core feature


specification Imported
specification Rubber sole
specification SMOOTH SNEAKERS
specification form-fitting interior
specification QUALITY BUILD

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2) New Balance 481 V3 tennis Shoe

Best tennis shoes for supination

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Cush+ cushioning supports high-impact motions in the New Balance 481 V3. This shoe’s cushioning will keep your feet comfy and energised during intense rallies and lateral changes. The Cush+ midsole will help you avoid foot fatigue and perform at your best.

NB Ultra Technology: Boosting Performance

New Balance 481 V3 tennis players benefit with NB Ultra technology. This revolutionary innovation improves comfort and performance by responding to quick direction changes and agile court movements. With your footwear improving your game, move freely and boldly.

Style and Function

The New Balance 481 V3 is stylish and practical. This shoe’s elegant 50/50 leather and mesh upper provides ideal ventilation to keep your feet cool and fresh during long bouts. The imported rubber sole is durable enough to handle various playing surfaces.

Fit and Support That’s Unmatched

Tennis players need a great fit, and the New Balance 481 V3 delivers. The comfort collar minimises irritation and hugs the ankle, ensuring a perfect fit in critical moments. Fit the shoe to your foot for stability and support.

All-Terrain Traction: Unstoppable Performance

The New Balance 481 V3’s all-terrain rubber outsole is essential for tennis’ rapid movements and precision footwork. This function improves traction and grip, letting you stop, start, and turn quickly without losing balance. Master the court with confidence.

Tennis Shoes for All

New Balance 481 V3 fits all sizes and styles. You may adapt your shoes to your personality on the court with a range of colours and sizes. Comfort, aesthetics, and great performance in one tennis shoe.

For tennis players who want comfort, style, and high-performance, the New Balance 481 V3 is the best shoe. Its cushioned midsole, NB Ultra technology, elegant style, and excellent fit and support make it a great choice. With all-terrain traction, this shoe is great for court dominance. The New Balance 481 V3 combines comfort and performance for a game-changing experience.

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  1. 50/50 leather and mesh upper for superior comfort and durability.
  2. Cush+ midsole cushioning for superior cushioning and support.
  3. Ultra-soft, all-day comfort for superior comfort and fit.
  4. Comfort collar to prevent irritation and hug the ankle for a superior fit.
  5. All-terrain rubber outsole for superior traction and grip.”


Core feature


specification 50% Leather, 50% Mesh
specification Imported
specification Rubber sole
specification Cush+ midsole cushioning
specification ultra-soft, all-day comfort

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3) Brooks 14 tennis shoe

Best tennis shoes for supination

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The Brooks 14 tennis shoe is carefully built for support and cushioning. This shoe balances softness and balance with BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning. The cushioning material’s shock-absorbing characteristics give unmatched comfort and reduce responsiveness and durability loss. The midsole structure provides stability and support for strenuous tennis matches.

Guaranteed Comfort

The Brooks 14 tennis shoe has an imported rubber sole and midsole for smooth mobility, giving you an edge in the game. The PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe grading guarantees its high quality and comfort. Athletes trust it because of the APMA Seal of Acceptance.

Slim and Elegant

The lightweight and attractive Brooks 14 tennis shoe performs well. Its 10 x 15 x 6 inch dimensions and 2 pound weight allow for easy court manoeuvrability. Even during intensive bouts, the sleek and breathable upper maximises comfort.


The Brooks 14 tennis shoe is the perfect blend of comfort and design for dedicated tennis players. BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning technologies provide exceptional support and cushioning. The PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe rating and APMA Seal of Acceptance confirm its quality and reliability. The shoe’s lightweight, breathable construction makes playing comfortable. The Brooks 14 tennis shoe is the best choice for tennis players seeking performance and comfort.

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  1. Imported rubber sole and midsole construction for seamless transitions
  2. Certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe rating
  3. APMA Seal of Acceptance for quality and reliability
  4. Lightweight design and breathable upper for maximum comfort
  5. BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning for balanced, soft cushioning.”


Core feature


specification Imported
specification Rubber sole
specification midsole construction
specification seamless transitions

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4) STQ Air Cushion tennis Shoe

Best tennis shoes for supination

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BEST: STQ Air Cushion Tennis Shoes. This sneaker improves your game with comfort, aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology. Explore its unique characteristics and why it’s perfect for all players.

1. Rubber Sole and Air Cushioning Improve Performance

STQ tennis shoes’ Air Cushioning technology cushions every step. You may travel swiftly and change directions using this capability. Fast motions are stable because to the rubber sole’s grip.

2. Slim, Flexible

STQ Air Cushion tennis shoes glide across the court. In intense fights, the shoe’s responsiveness enables you react quickly to opponent shots. These sneakers will chase a drop shot or sprint to the net.

3. Tennis Knit Fits Well

The STQ tennis shoe provides long-match comfort. Durable mesh and synthetic uppers make the sneaker stylish. Knit tennis fabric keeps feet dry.

4. Secure Lacing, Removable Sockliner

Fit boosts performance. STQ lace-up tennis shoes. A removable orthotic sockliner provides tailored comfort and support.

5. Perfect for All Tennis Players

The STQ Air Cushion tennis shoe suits all players. All tennis players can use this shoe. Comfort, flexibility, and performance boost your game.

Tech Details

The 1.05-pound STQ Air Cushion tennis shoes are 9.8 x 6.7 x 3.7 inches. Its lightweight, nimble form makes it a fantastic court partner.

Tennis players wishing to improve choose the STQ Air Cushion Tennis Shoe. Air cushioning, rubber sole, lightweight design, and comfortable fit help you win matches. This tennis shoe will boost your game.

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  1. Lightweight design: 1.05 pounds
  2. Air cushioning-and-rubber sole
  3. Versatile running shoe
  4. Removable sockliner
  5. Accommodates orthotics”


Core feature


specification Imported
specification Rubber sole
specification Air Cushioning-and-rubber sole
specification Lightweight, flexible response

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5) Xero tennis Shoe

Best tennis shoes for supination

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Xero Tennis Shoes are eco-friendly. This shoe is vegan and stylish. Feel good about dominating the court and helping the world.

Unmatched Comfort and Fit

The Xero Tennis Shoe’s superior comfort and fit eliminate discomfort and poor fit. This shoe supports your foot specifically. This tennis shoe’s perfect fit lets you play with confidence.

High-Performance Agility

The Xero Tennis Shoe enhances tennis agility. Its small weight lets you move and react quickly. Without hefty shoes, you can outmanoeuvre your opponents and stay ahead.

Xero Tennis Shoe Improves Game

The Xero Tennis Shoe tops elegance, comfort, and performance. Enjoy a snug fit, agility, and sustainability without sacrificing style. Boost your game with the Xero Tennis Shoe.

Xero Tennis Excellence

Xero Tennis Shoes boost tennis performance. This shoe combines sustainability, style, and cutting-edge performance for the ultimate court advantage. Comfort, agility, and eco-consciousness in one amazing package. The Xero Tennis Shoe lets you reach your full potential and win every match.

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  1. Lightweight and comfortable design.
  2. Excellent non-slip performance.
  3. Air cushion design for cushioning.
  4. Breathable fabric and soft interior.
  5. Stylish design.”


Core feature

specification Tennis
specification Imported
specification Rubber sole

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6) GANNOU US5.5-11 tennis Shoe

Best tennis shoes for supination

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Tennis players need stability and support during fast, vigorous movements. Due to its robust base, the GANNOU US5.5-11 Tennis Shoe excels here. These shoes prevent sliding and discomfort, letting you focus on your game.

Air Cushion Comfort: Walk Easily

Air cushion technology distinguishes the GANNOU US5.5-11 Tennis Shoe. The air cushion absorbs shock and cushions every step, relieving foot and joint pain. Thus, you can perform well without discomfort or tiredness.

Ergonomic: Comfortable

A shoe that fits your feet precisely makes all the difference. GANNOU US5.5-11 Tennis Shoes embrace your feet naturally. This ergonomic approach provides optimal comfort and support during play, letting you focus on winning.

Precision: Excellent Traction

Tennis requires agility and speed. The GANNOU US5.5-11 Tennis Shoe’s rubber sole provides excellent court traction for quick and precise movements. You’ll have better footwork to counter your opponent’s shots.

Daylong Breathability

Long matches require cool, dry sneakers. Breathable fabrics keep the GANNOU US5.5-11 Tennis Shoe cool and dry. This feature keeps your feet cool and comfy throughout matches so you can concentrate on your game.

Conclusion: GANNOU US5.5-11 Tennis Shoe Unlocks Potential

In conclusion, the GANNOU US5.5-11 Tennis Shoe is the best shoe for tennis players. This shoe’s stability, air cushion comfort, ergonomic design, and traction are game-changing. Avoid cheap shoes. The GANNOU US5.5-11 Tennis Shoe provides unmatched comfort, support, and stability to maximise your abilities on the court.

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  1. High-quality EVA sole for excellent traction and anti-slip function. 
  2. Breathable and lightweight knitted material for maximum comfort. 
  3. High Elastic Breathable Cotton Insole for superior cushioning and breathability. 
  4. Breathable cotton for superior breathability and comfort. 
  5. Product Dimensions of 10.63 x 7.87 x 4.72 inches and 10.41 ounces for lightweight and comfortable wear.”


Core feature


specification EVA material sole
specification Anti-slip & Durable Sole
specification high-quality EVA sole
specification anti-slip function.

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7) DUOYANGJIASHA tennis Shoe

Best tennis shoes for supination

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Acetate and vinyl make the DUOYANGJIASHA tennis shoe flexible and sturdy. This excellent combination improves the shoe’s lifespan and enables players move freely during intense matches. These shoes can handle game wear.

Cool Airflow

DUOYANGJIASHA tennis shoes are breathable. Ethylene ventilates these shoes, keeping your feet cool even in the hottest rallies. Play boldly without sweaty feet.

Speedy Agility

Tennis requires quickness. The lightweight DUOYANGJIASHA tennis shoe allows players move fast on the court. Comfort and lightness improve court performance.

Foot Pain Relief

Long games are tiring. The DUOYANGJIASHA tennis shoe is comfy. These adaptive shoes let players play for hours without foot pain. Confidence in long contests.

Dry Feet Improve Performance

Sweaty feet hurt performance. DUOYANGJIASHA tennis shoes minimise sweating. Be fearless and focused.

Winning Pair

The DUOYANGJIASHA tennis shoe offers comfort, support, and performance for players of all levels. Enjoy acetate, vinyl, ethylene, and your court-leading agility.

Tennis players that seek the best should wear the DUOYANGJIASHA. Improve your game, comfort, and winning confidence. Surprising opponents!

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  1. EVA material sole for enhanced comfort
  2. Super breathable knitted upper keeps feet fresh
  3. Anti-slip design for better traction
  4. Durable construction for long-lasting use
  5. Provides ankle and foot protection
  6. Versatile for various activities
  7. Available in 8 stylish colors.


Core feature

Product Dimensions 10.63 x 7.87 x 4.72 inches; 10.55 Ounces
specification Anti-slip & Durable Sole
Department womens
Date First Available March 24, 2019

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Best tennis shoes for supination 2023- Complete Buying Guide

Welcome! This guide is all about choosing the best tennis shoes for supination. Pronation or supination can cause injuries when playing sports, like tennis. It’s important to find the right level of stability and cushioning to reduce the risk.

This guide gives info on:

  1. What type of construction to look for in a shoe
  2. Special features, such as EVA midsoles
  3. Different cushioning options
  4. How to choose the right size shoe

After reading this guide, you will know what to look for in a good pair of tennis shoes. Get ready to find the perfect pair of tennis shoes for your needs!

Definition of Supination

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Supination is a biomechanical movement that happens when your feet hit the ground. It’s when the outside edge of your foot contacts the ground first and then lifts. This helps to absorb shock, provides stability and gives you power when running or walking.

People with arch pain or plantar fasciitis can benefit from wearing special shoes. They should provide shock absorption, cushioning and support, along with a durable outsole for grip on different surfaces.

To find the best running shoes, understand what makes certain brands better than others in terms of functionality and quality.

Importance of Choosing the Right Shoes

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Choosing the perfect tennis shoe is vital for any tennis player. Properly supporting your feet with the right type of shoes can reduce the chances of injury and boost performance. Your footwear should provide support, padding and flexibility for changing direction quickly on court.

If your feet don’t have enough support or cushioning, it can cause issues such as pain and fatigue in your ankle and heel. This is due to a lack of arch support and poor shock absorption. Shoes without adequate arch support can also cause supination. This is when there is too little arch support, placing pressure on the edges of the feet. If this happens, you will feel extra stress on certain muscles and pain in other parts of the body, such as hips or knees.

It is important to get specific shoes that provide enough cushioning and stability for feet that are prone to supination. When selecting a new pair, think about things like:

  • Breathability and durability.
  • Cushioning compatibility.
  • Sole construction quality.
  • Heel counter design.
  • Shock absorption technology.
  • Overall construction materials for comfort and protection needed for supination control.

This is important for each tennis session, whether you’re practicing drills or playing a match.

Characteristics of Tennis Shoes for Supination

Choosing the right tennis shoes for supination is important. They’re different from regular running shoes. Tennis shoes for supination offer stability, flexibility, cushioning & more support for your feet. Here are the main features:

  • Lightweight: For extra stability & support, supinated feet require lightweight materials. This makes the shoe less taxing on your feet.
  • Supportive: Extra arch support prevents injury from pronation when you pivot or return shots.
  • Dynamic Motion Control (DMC): DMC technology offers great flexibility & cushioning, so you can move freely without any negative effects.
  • Energy Return Technology: This cushioning tech keeps your muscles energized. It also reduces foot fatigue after long matches.

Arch Support

When buying tennis shoes, pay close attention to arch support. If you have supination, get a shoe providing higher arch support for correct alignment & stability. Shoes for neutral pronators may not give enough support, leading to more pain or injury.

Look for:

  • Contoured midsoles and cushioning
  • Comfy collars and snug heel fits that keep feet in proper position.
  • Upper materials made from flexible open-mesh fabric. This allows air to flow through shoes more easily, promoting breathability & comfort as feet swell from sweating.


When selecting the best tennis shoes for supination, choose those with full length midsole foam. These will offer maximum cushioning and support the foot. Air units, gel units, bounce cushioning, and dual cushioning are all beneficial features.

Foam designed for supinators should provide stability to the outside of the feet. Air and gel cushions are great for long walks and runs, as they help support the arch. Bounce technology combines foam and plastic parts for a bouncy feel, plus extra stability for midsole impact.


Stability shoes are created to give feet support. They have a bigger surface area for movement, giving more stability and reducing the chance of injury. Technology like motion control, midsoles, and shanks help. People who supinate can use these shoes to reduce fatigue and lower their risk of harm.

Cushioning around the feet and stabilizers to support arches can be found in these shoes. Also, pronation control is often included; this stops feet from turning too much inward while walking or running.

III. Top Tennis Shoes for Supination in 2023

Finding the right tennis shoe for supination can be tricky. In this section, we review some of the top tennis shoes for supination in 2023.

We compare different shoes from both well-known and independent brands. We look at the fit and upper construction, cushioning system, stability features and traction.

Let’s look at some of the top tennis shoes for supination in 2023:

  1. Adidas Performance Men’s CC Sonic Boost Tennis Shoes – These lightweight sneakers offer maximum energy return. They have a breathable mesh upper, STRETCHWEB outsole, and ADIPRENE+ cushioning for shock absorption.
  2. NikeCourt Zoom Vapor Cage 4 – These mid-cut sneakers have a midfoot strap for extra support. They have an aggressive herringbone pattern outsole, Zoom Air unit cushioning, TPU base heel coverage and firm arch support.
  3. ASICS Court FF 2 – These midcut sneakers are designed for speed play on hardcourts. They have Forefoot GEL Cushioning System, FLYTEFOAM Propel Technology, and TRUSSTIC SYSTEM Technology that helps control pronation issues.

ASICS Gel Resolution 8

The ASICS Gel Resolution 8 is a great pick for supination sufferers. It has extra arch and heel support for stability and comfort. It also contains an EVA midsole with GEL cushioning that reduces the impact of running and walking. For those with high arches, the Gel Resolution 8 has a higher profile sole to increase foot support in the arch area.

The outsole’s design encourages better motion control, allowing feet to move naturally while staying stable. As your performance improves, the shoes become even more durable due to their fortified construction. Plus, the lightweight upper fabric won’t add extra weight, keeping feet cool during long workouts.

New Balance Fresh Foam 996v4

The New Balance Fresh Foam 996v4 provides excellent stability, cushion and comfort for those with supination issues. The leather and textile shoes come with the Fresh Foam insert for optimal cushioning. The midsole is constructed from a firm-but-springy EVA foam. And the outsole has an aggressive multi-directional lugging pattern, enabling fast and smooth cross court movements as well as necessary stability. Plus, its breathable mesh construction keeps your feet cooler as you play.

Adidas Barricade 2021

Adidas Barricade 2021 – the latest in Adidas’ popular line – offers maximum comfort and support. It has a foot-shaped design, a breathable upper, and full-length midsole cushioning. Plus, there are deep grooves and flex grooves for extra width and durability. The shoe’s lacing system ensures a great fit for any foot size and shape.

The medial rubber outsole provides improved traction for sudden movements. Controlframe tech stabilizes the foot, improving grip and balance without sacrificing energy. Ideal for court and outdoor surfaces, these shoes keep you injury-free during long play sessions.


Finding the best shoes for supination is no easy feat. Consider cushioning, arch support, and fit. Don’t be tempted to choose based on looks – they may end up being uncomfortable and cause more problems.

Investigate different types of tennis shoes, and try on several pairs. Search for the ones that fit your unique foot shape and provide comfort and support during your match.


What type of shoe should a supinator wear?

Supinators should wear shoes that have ample stability and control, such as motion control shoes or shoes with a firm midsole. This type of shoe helps to limit excessive inward rolling of the foot.

Are Skechers good for supination?

Skechers can be good for supination depending on the specific model. It is recommended to look for Skechers shoes that offer stability and support to help control excessive inward rolling of the foot.

What is a good shoe for Underpronation?

A good shoe for underpronation, also known as supination, is a stability or motion control shoe with a firm midsole to provide support and control excessive inward rolling of the foot.

How do you fix foot supination?

To fix foot supination, a combination of exercises to strengthen the muscles in the feet and ankles, along with wearing supportive shoes, can help. Custom orthotics can also be helpful in correcting foot supination.

Do Supinators need arch support?

Yes, supinators often benefit from shoes with arch support to help correct their gait and prevent excessive inward rolling of the foot.

What causes excessive supination?

Excessive supination can be caused by a variety of factors, including weak foot and ankle muscles, structural abnormalities of the foot, and wearing shoes with insufficient support.

Can supination be cured?

Supination cannot be cured, but it can be managed and improved with proper treatment and preventative measures such as wearing supportive shoes, doing exercises to strengthen the feet and ankles, and using custom orthotics if necessary.

How long does it take to correct supination?

The length of time it takes to correct supination depends on several factors, including the severity of the condition and the individual’s compliance with treatment and preventative measures. For some people, it may only take a few weeks to see improvement, while others may take several months or longer.

What muscles are weak if you Supinate?

The muscles that are often weak in people who supinate include the peroneals, tibialis anterior, and gastrocnemius.

How do I strengthen my supinator?

To strengthen the supinator, exercises such as calf raises, toe raises, and ankle rotations can be helpful. Incorporating balance exercises into your routine can also improve stability and reduce excessive inward rolling of the foot. Wearing shoes with adequate support can also help to strengthen the supinator over time.

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