Best athletic shoes for supination 2023

Searching for the ideal athletic shoes for supination? You’ve come to the right place! This guide will assist you in finding the perfect pair. Get ready to learn what makes a great shoe, plus how to get one that suits your needs.

Best athletic shoes for supination 2023

  1. Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Shoe(Editor’s Pick)
  2. Brooks 14 Neutral Shoe(Best Overall)
  3. New Balance 481 V3 Shoe(Budget Friendly)
  4. TQ Air Cushion Shoe
  5. GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes 
  6. STQ Slip Wedge Shoes 
  7. Xero Shoes Minimalist Shoe

1) Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Shoe

Best athletic shoes for supination

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The Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Shoe’s rubber sole provides excellent traction and durability. This shoe will keep you stable on pavement, trails, or other difficult terrain. Run without slipping thanks to the rubber sole.

Unmatched Comfort and Shock Absorption

The Brooks Ghost 14 relieves foot and joint pain from running. This shoe has more padding for comfort and shock absorption. Each step will be cushioned and supported, decreasing body impact and letting you go the additional mile.

Quality from Brooks

Runners worldwide love Brooks running shoes. Brooks is trusted by runners for its quality and innovation. The Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Shoe proudly continues this history with high-performance and durability.

Fits All Runners

The Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Shoe fits runners of all levels. Its snug interior lets you run without distractions. The open-engineered air mesh upper breathes and strategically stretches to keep your foot cool while running.

3D Fit Print Customised Fit

The Brooks Ghost 14 recognises each runner’s unique foot. The shoe moulds to your foot using 3D Fit Print technology for a bespoke fit. Run comfortably and securely without ill-fitting sneakers.

Maximum Cushioning

Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Shoe cushioning exceeds expectations. DNA LOFT and BioMoGo cushioning make it comfortable and gender-friendly. This sophisticated cushioning technology supports your feet during lengthy runs and high-intensity workouts.

Superior Shock Absorption and Traction

Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Shoe’s soft blown rubber outsole provides excellent traction and shock absorption. This shoe keeps you steady and protected in any weather or terrain. The 12mm differential increases stability, making any surface easy to handle.

Easy and Light

The Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Shoe is lightweight and comfortable to wear to improve performance. This 2-pound shoe lets you run fast without feeling weighed down.


The Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Shoe is a great supination-specific running shoe. Its superior traction, padding, and fit set it apart. The Brooks Ghost 14 lets you push your limits and reach your goals while running comfortably. For quality, comfort, and elegance, choose the Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Shoe.

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Brooks Ghost 14 Men’s Neutral Running Shoe First hand review

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  • Form-fitting interior for secure and comfortable fit
  • Open-engineered air mesh upper for strategic stretch
  • 3D Fit Print technology for customized fit
  • Soft fabric lining and removable foam insole for cushioning
  • DNA LOFT and BioMoGo cushioning for incredibly soft and gender-friendly fit
  • Soft blown rubber outsole and 12mm differential for superior traction and shock absorption
  • Lightweight and easy to wear (2 pounds)”

Core feature


specification Imported
specification Rubber sole
specification form-fitting interior
specification cushioned and secure

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2) Brooks 14 Neutral Shoe

Best athletic shoes for supination

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The Brooks 14 Neutral Shoe’s cushioning is outstanding. Long runs are comfortable with this shoe’s cushioned midsole. Runners seeking support and comfort will love the shoe’s midsole cushioning.

Stability and Support

Its neutral arch gives the Brooks 14 Neutral Shoe stability. This shoe is great for runners with strenuous training regimens due to the neutral arch’s support and stability. The Brooks 14 Neutral Shoe provides comfort, support, and stability for runners of any level.

Quality and Certification

The Brooks 14 Neutral Shoe is top-notch. It is imported and has the APMA Seal of Acceptance and PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe certification. These certificates demonstrate the shoe’s excellent quality and standards.

BioMoGo DNA Cushioning

The Brooks 14 Neutral Shoe’s BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning provide energising cushioning like never before. These shock-absorbing mechanisms provide a smooth ride. The midsole architecture keeps cushioning responsive and durable.

Lightweight, Smooth Transition

A segmented crash pad improves running in the Brooks 14 Neutral Shoe. This innovation makes heel-to-toe transitions smooth and pleasant, lowering injury risk. The shoe weighs under 2 pounds. Its lightweight design makes it a great running shoe.


In conclusion, the Brooks 14 Neutral Shoe is a great running shoe for support and cushioning. Its lightweight design, smooth transition, and exceptional cushioning provide comfort, support, and stability to improve running performance. Its PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe certification and APMA Seal of Acceptance make it a top-quality shoe. Get the Brooks 14 Neutral Shoe to maximise your running potential!

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Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe First hand review

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  • 50% Leather, 50% Mesh Upper for Breathability
  • Comfort Collar for Secure Fit
  • NB Ultra Soft Comfort Insert for Cushioning and Support
  • All-Terrain Rubber Outsole for Excellent Grip and Traction
  • Midsole Cushioning for Excellent Shock Absorption and Durability”


Core feature


specification Imported
specification Rubber sole
specification midsole construction

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3) New Balance 481 V3 Shoe

Best athletic shoes for supination

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Mesh and leather make the New Balance 481 V3 Shoe durable and breathable. Mesh ventilation cools and dries feet after long wear. Leather extends shoe life.

Cosy Cushioning

New Balance 481 V3 shoe comfort exceeds expectations. Its ultra-soft cushioning makes every step pleasurable. Cush+ midsole cushioning provides all-day comfort.

Durable Cushioning

The New Balance 481 V3 Shoe’s soft midsole responds. It provides long-term foot support. This reactivity lowers foot soreness.

All-Day Wear

The New Balance 481 V3 Shoe is great for hiking and errands. Active folks love its all-day comfort and support.

GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes: Perform Better

Performance-Optimizing GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes
Want attractive, comfy, and effective athletic shoes? GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes. Tennis and imported rubber-bottom shoes provide cushioning and support to help you reach new athletic heights.

Air Cushion: Better Ankle Support

AIR CUSHION DESIGN distinguishes GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes. This ankle-protecting design feels nice. It absorbs impact and reduces injury risk, letting you perform.

Non-Slip Cushioning Sole

GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes’ lightweight cushioning sole offers more than comfort. It aids movement and momentum. The non-slip sole keeps you stable.

Dry Fabric

GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes are breathable. This fabric keeps feet dry with airflow. No matter how intense your exercises or daily activities are, your feet will be comfortable.

Sports and daily life.

Versatile GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes. Sports are offered. These lightweight, supportive trainers are great for jogging, gym and daily work.

Conclusion: Durability Win!

Comfortable, durable, and effective, GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes. AIR CUSHION DESIGN and a lightweight cushioning sole support ankles. Breathable fabric makes these sporty trainers durable and comfortable.

Active people get all-day comfort and support from the New Balance 481 V3 Shoe and GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes. Whether you favour New Balance cushioning or GANNOU style and performance, these trainers will improve your experience. Explore in your preferred shoes.

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STQ Women’s Running Shoes Breathable Air Cushion Sneakers First hand review

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  • AIR CUSHION DESIGN provides cushioning and support.
  • BRATHABLE FABRIC helps to keep your feet cooler and dryer.
  • Athlete-informed outsole provides the perfect grip and traction.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around in.
  • Platform measures approximately .50”.”


Core feature


specification Tennis
specification Imported
specification Rubber sole

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4) TQ Air Cushion Shoe

Best athletic shoes for supination

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Air cushioning makes the TQ Air Cushion Shoe extremely comfortable. The air cushion is soft and supportive for all-day comfort. These sneakers provide unmatched comfort and ease for walking, running, and playing sports.

Lightweight and Flexible
The lightweight TQ Air Cushion Shoe provides easy movement and long-lasting comfort. You’ll walk on air in these sneakers. The lightweight construction makes them comfortable to wear for long periods.

The flexible shoe also moves naturally with your feet. Flexibility aids mobility and prevents strain and damage during exercise.

Excellent Grip and Response
With its phylon sole, the TQ Air Cushion Shoe can handle any terrain. This sole grips and responds well on every surface. These shoes will keep you steady on a slippery sidewalk or a challenging journey.

Adjustable and Simple
A detachable insole lets you customise the fit of the TQ Air Cushion Shoe. This replaceable insole also simplifies shoe maintenance. Maintaining clean shoes is simple.

Finally, the TQ Air Cushion Shoe simply mixes comfort, aesthetics, and usefulness. Its lightweight, flexible construction and air cushioning technologies provide a pleasant and supportive fit. The phylon sole’s grip provides stability on varied terrains. The TQ Air Cushion Shoe’s customization and upkeep make it a top choice for multipurpose footwear.

The TQ Air Cushion Shoe offers comfort and style.

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GANNOU Women’s Air Athletic Running Shoes Fashion Sport Gym Jogging First hand review

Video Source: Black Sandals


  1. Slip-on design for easy on/off
  2. Durable knit upper with good stretch
  3. Shockproof sole and air cushion for extra cushioning
  4. Super lightweight and flexible design
  5. Variety of sizes and colors available”


Core feature


specification Slip-on Design
specification durable knit upper
specification good stretch allows

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5) GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes

Best athletic shoes for supination

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GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes’ rubber sole and foundation provide superior stability and court grip. Tennis players can change directions without falling. These shoes’ superior grip enables players focus on their performance without falling.

Optimised Ergonomics

GANNOU US5.5-11 Tennis Shoes prioritise comfort. These sneakers fit perfectly. Ergonomics help players play hard. These shoes will protect your feet throughout competitions.

Dry Fabric

Hot tennis matches require foot ventilation. GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes include breathable fabric. This clever invention boosts airflow to keep your feet cool and dry during the fiercest battles. These trainers cool hot feet.

GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes offer unparalleled comfort for hours of activity. Tennis enthusiasts can play for hours on these comfortable sneakers. These shoes will keep your feet warm and supported during a heated singles or long doubles match, helping you to push your limitations and reach new heights on the court.

GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes Boost Performance Tennis shoes. Style, comfort, and support make these trainers game-changers. GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes increase tennis performance.


Tennis matters. GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes offer tennis players comfort and support. Rubber soles and platforms, ergonomic design, breathable fabric, and comfort make these shoes ideal for competitive athletes. GANNOU US5.5-11 Athletic Shoes improve performance.

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STQ Slip On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Women Fashion First hand review

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6) STQ Slip Wedge Shoes

Best athletic shoes for supination

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Forget laces and buckles. The STQ Slip Wedge Shoes slip on and off easily. No more knot-tying or shoe-tying in a hurry. Slip them on easily and go about your day looking great.

Daylong Support for On-Foot Warriors

STQ Slip Wedge Shoes are revolutionary for long-distance walkers. Day standing support keeps you comfy and energised in these shoes. Say goodbye to tired, achy feet and welcome to comfort and support that keeps you going no matter how hard your day is.

Natural Movement and Less Strain

STQ Slip Wedge Shoes have great flexibility. These sneakers offer natural movement. After long wear, strain and fatigue were reduced. These shoes adapt to your every step, keeping your feet fresh and comfy while doing errands, commuting, or just walking.

Portable Design

Today’s fast-paced world requires constant movement. The STQ Slip Wedge Shoes’ lightweight materials make them ideal for active lifestyles. Even on busy days, their featherweight construction keeps your feet light. Move freely in style and comfort.

Feet Deserve Best

To conclude, STQ Slip Wedge Shoes are attractive and comfy. Their slip-on design, day standing function, extreme flexibility, and lightweight construction make them ideal for any situation. These sneakers provide all-day comfort whether you’re working, running errands, or taking a stroll. STQ Slip Wedge Shoes combine design and comfort for a new level of footwear.

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Xero Shoes Women’s Speed Force Minimalist Running Shoe First hand review

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7) Xero Shoes Minimalist Shoe


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Shoes must be comfortable. Xero Shoes minimalist shoes shine here. These shoes are designed to give all-day comfort for your feet. The materials are chosen for optimal breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry even after long wear.

Long-lasting grip

Xero Shoes minimalist shoes have a rubber sole designed for grip. These shoes will support you whether walking, hiking, or doing yoga. These sneakers are durable enough to last through many excursions.

Every Foot Fits Perfectly

Fitting broad feet might be difficult. Xero Shoes solves this problem. Their minimalist sneakers are sure to fit. Xero Shoes allows exchanges if the shoes don’t fit, ensuring your satisfaction. Say goodbye to uncomfortable shoes and hello to a bespoke fit for your foot form.

Buy Comfort, Durability, and Style

Quality footwear matters. Comfortable, sturdy, and well-fitting Xero Shoes minimalist shoes are a good purchase. These attractive and comfortable shoes go with every outfit. Xero Shoes will support your feet all day, whether you’re at work, hiking, or doing errands.


Minimalist Xero Shoes are a lifestyle. Enjoy minimalist design without sacrificing comfort, durability, or aesthetic. These shoes are appropriate for daily tasks because to their great grip, flawless fit, and durability. Xero Shoes will provide your feet newfound comfort and performance. Hello, active lifestyle shoe.

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Best athletic shoes for supination 2023- Complete Buying Guide

Welcome! Our guide is about the best athletic shoes for supination. Supination is a situation which is not diagnosed much, but it can decrease running performance. To secure your feet and stop injury, you need the best running shoes for supination.

Good shoes should have cushioning in the heel and midsole, plus a firm but flexible sole. Supination makes the ankles roll outwards when running or walking. This causes an extra strain on parts of the foot like the arch and heel. Without taking action, it can lead to shin splits or knee troubles. That’s why it is essential to have supportive and comfy shoes. Shoes which make you feel balanced when running or walking.

We have chosen some of our favourite pieces of footwear. These are made for persons with supination. Finding the right shoe is the first step to optimizing your performance! Read ahead to know what characteristics make a good pair of overalls tailored towards supinators and how to pick the right ones:

  • Cushioning in the heel and midsole
  • A firm but flexible sole
  • Supportive and comfortable
  • Make you feel balanced when running or walking

Definition of Supination

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Supination, also known as underpronation, is a type of foot arch. When walking, runners and athletes with supinated feet land on the outer edge of their feet and roll outward. This way of walking can be inefficient and cause joint stress, leading to injuries. To reduce this burden, runners and athletes should find shoes designed for supination.

Athletic shoes for supination can help those with conditions related to supination, as well as those who just want to run better form. Additionally, different running surfaces necessitate different types of cushioning levels within an athleisure shoe, which increases comfort level. This article will discuss features in athletic shoes for supination and review top products in the market.

Importance of finding the right shoes for supination

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People with supination can cause extra stress on the heel, ball, and ankle. Even when wearing shoes with cushion, they may experience discomfort in leg muscles and stiffness in their feet after exercise. Getting the right shoes is essential for them to stay healthy and pain-free.

Shoes designed for supination provide cushion and support to reduce pronation forces. These can lead to joint pain and injury if left unchecked. Standard footwear can also cause strain on other parts of the body, like the lower back or knees. The wrong foot movements can cause uneven ground reaction forces. It’s important to get shoes fit for your condition to avoid these injuries.

Factors to consider when choosing athletic shoes for supination

When buying athletic shoes for those with supination, consider these five factors:

  1. Arch Support: Look for arch supports that stabilize the foot’s natural contours.
  2. Heel Counter: Look for firm heel counters that don’t collapse easily when wearing. They should also provide good cushioning under the foot.
  3. Fit & Comfort: Measure your feet and try different pairs until you find one that is snug but not too tight. Ensure your toes have ample room to move without being cramped up.
  4. Breathability: Choose breathable materials such as mesh which wick moisture away from your skin. Mesh paneling and perforated linings add breathability and sustainability.
  5. Durability: Look for more durable materials such as leather and suede. Abrasion resistance, waterproofing layers and toe protection are important. Also look for rubber outsoles for better traction control. Be aware of all information before buying to find the best option.

Arch support

Arch support is key when shopping for the best athletic shoes for supination. Mild pronators and those with high arches need extra arch support. Cushioning or specially designed insoles provide this support. Athletic shoe brands use different technologies and foams to cradle feet and offer comfort and stability.

When looking for shoes for supination, look for ones that are extra supportive and cushioned around the arch area. Make sure the shoes offer enough flex and breathability for performance. Look for contours in the sole of the shoe for flexibility around your feet’s natural curves. This allows your feet to move more naturally when exercising.


Runners with supination need cushioning in their running shoes. It should give comfort, but also be durable. Look for a cushioning system that is neither too soft nor too hard.

  • High-strengthed ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles shock-absorb well and reduce pressure on feet.
  • Foam cushioning systems are lightweight, breathable, and flexible. This lets your foot move more naturally during activities like running or walking.


Search for shoes that are flexible! They should have arch support too. This support helps with the natural movement of your feet when walking. Plus, a flexible sole reduces strain on your muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Look for shoes that have midsole structure or several zones. This will give your feet freedom when doing different activities. Dynamic cushioning systems can help absorb shock. These components address supination specifically and give you a comfortable fit. This helps protect your feet and legs from excessive strain during strenuous activities.

III. Top Athletic Shoes for Supination in 2023

2023 has the best athletic shoes for supination. Support, stability and cushioning are important features to consider when shopping. A wide sole with curved outsoles and rocker designs provide support and flexibility. Secure heel counters, stitched construction, room for toes and cushioning should also be taken into account for comfort.

Specific brands like Nike, Asics, New Balance Reebok & Saucony offer great motion control and medial support for excessively pronated feet. Try different models before buying, as fits may vary according to shoe model and foot shape.

ASICS Gel Kayano 27

ASICS Gel Kayano 27 is made for athletes with supination issues. Its upper has breathable mesh and synthetic parts to keep your feet cool. The midsole has FLYTEFOAM tech, which is soft and responsive. It also has ASICS Dynamic DuoMax tech – a dual-density midsole system for impact absorption and lateral stability. It has an AHAR plus outsole for cushioning between your feet and the surface. If you need a shoe to combat supination challenges, go for the ASICS Gel Kayano 27!

  1. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

New Balance’s Fresh Foam 1080v11 is ideal for long-distance running. An Ultra Heel conforms to the shape of your foot, offering a snug fit for supination. The upper is made from lightweight, breathable mesh which wraps around your foot like a glove. It also features Fresh Foam midsole cushioning for support and fatigue reduction.

The outsole has durable rubber treads on high impact areas for grip and stability. And, there are Ortholite insoles for extra comfort and support. It’s no wonder this shoe is a top choice for those who need to minimize supination when running.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is a running shoe with many features. The midsole offers responsive cushioning and plushness. An extended heel crash pad makes it easier for supinator’s feet to contract without discomfort. It also has DNA LOFT cushioning, a blend of polyurethane foam and soft rubber, providing exceptional flexibility.

This shoe has GuideRails technology for extra stability and support, limiting excessive outward rotation. The upper material is an engineered mesh design with adjustable overlays to give formfitting support. An OrthoLite foam footbed absorbs shock impacts, and wicks away moisture to keep feet comfortable all day.


Prioritize what’s best for your sport. Check the sole material and shape. For supination activities, get shoes with cushioning support, motion control and shock absorption. Look for lightweight mesh to ensure breathability. Inspect the shoe stitching. Consider reflectivity and waterproofing. Get a great pair that will last you through summer 2023 for ultimate performance and durability!


What type of shoe should a supinator wear?

A supinator should wear shoes with good stability and cushioning, such as motion control running shoes or supportive walking shoes.

Do supinators need arch support?

Yes, supinators typically need extra arch support to help balance their gait and prevent further injuries.

Are Skechers good for supination?

Skechers can be good for supination, but it depends on the individual’s specific needs and the specific model of the shoe. It’s important to choose a shoe that provides adequate support and stability.

How do I stop walking on the outside of my feet?

To stop walking on the outside of your feet, it’s important to focus on proper gait and foot placement, as well as strengthening the muscles in your feet and lower legs. Wearing supportive shoes can also help.

How do you fix excessive supination?

Excessive supination can be addressed by using orthotics, physical therapy, and exercises to improve balance and stability. Wearing shoes with proper support can also help.

How do you fix supination when walking?

To fix supination when walking, focus on proper gait mechanics, strengthening the muscles in your feet and lower legs, and wearing shoes with proper support and stability. Orthotics may also be helpful.

What muscles are weak in foot supination?

Weakness in the muscles of the feet, ankle, and lower legs can contribute to supination. Strengthening these muscles can help correct supination.

Does supination cause hip problems?

Supination can potentially cause hip and lower back pain if it leads to an altered gait or overuse injuries.

Do insoles help supination?

Insoles can help with supination by providing extra arch support and cushioning. It’s important to choose insoles that are specifically designed to address supination.

What are the side effects of supination?

The side effects of supination can include pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back, as well as increased risk of overuse injuries. It can also cause problems with gait and balance.

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