Best new balance for supination 2023

Searching for the perfect shoe to help with your supination and balance your gait? Look no further! We have the ultimate guide on the best new balance shoes for 2023. Get ready for comfort and style with this selection of top-rated shoes. Make your choice now!

Best new balance for supination 2023

  1. New Balance 847 supination(Editor’s Pick)
  2. New Balance 481 supination(Best Overall)
  3. New Balance V1 supination(Budget Friendly)
  4. New Balance 608 supination
  5. New Balance 877 supination
  6. EASYFEET Medium Arch supination
  7. New Balance 880 supination

1) New Balance 847 supination

Best new balance for supination

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The New Balance 847 aids this condition. Supination sufferers should wear the New Balance 847.

High-Quality Construction

The supinator-friendly New Balance 847. 50% mesh/50% synthetic design gives this shoe breathability and durability. Mesh allows airflow and synthetic leather gives durability.

2. TRUFUSE Midsole Cushioning and ROLLBAR Stability

New Balance 847 supination shock absorbers are ingenious. TRUFUSE midsole cushioning supports your foot’s movement. ROLLBAR stability eliminates rolling and enhances stride efficiency.

Improved Cushioning

The New Balance 847 is supportive and cushioned. TPU heel inserts support and cushion. This innovative function eases joint strain when jogging.

Comfort and Breathability

Comfortable running shoes for supination. The lightweight New Balance 847 boosts agility and reduces tiredness. The shoe’s great air flow keeps feet cool and dry during tough activities, reducing blisters. New Balance’s performance and comfort footwear emphasizes breathability.

5. Reliability

Durable running shoes last longer. The New Balance 847’s synthetic leather structure outlasts all others. Durable shoes let you focus on training and goals.

In conclusion

New Balance 847 fixes supination. Durable and breathable, it’s 50% mesh/50% synthetic. This shoe offers TRUFUSE midsole cushioning, ROLLBAR stability, and added support. TPU heel inserts support and cushion joints. The New Balance 847 provides support, breathability, and durability. Run supination-free with the New Balance 847.

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  • TRUFUSE midsole cushioning for extra support
  • ROLLBAR stability for enhanced stability
  • Synthetic leather construction for unmatched durability
  • Lightweight feel and air flow for maximum breathability
  • TPU heel insert for extra cushioning and support”


Core feature

specification 50% Mesh
specification Made in the USA
specification 50% Synthetic
specification Rubber sole

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2) New Balance 481 supination

Best new balance for supination

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New Balance 481 supination shoes are 50% leather and 50% mesh. This smart blend keeps the shoe light and breathable, letting airflow cool your feet. The mesh top promotes breathability and durability, guaranteeing the shoe can survive regular wear and diverse activities.

Cush+ Midsole: Superior Cushioning

New Balance 481’s Cush+ midsole provides unparalleled comfort. This unique padding absorbs shock and protects your feet. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to soft, supporting steps. The Cush+ midsole is designed for supinators.

Comfort Collar with NB Ultra Soft Comfort Insert: Better Fit and Cushioning

New Balance 481 supination shoes prioritize comfort and fit. The Comfort Collar ankle design fits snugly and adds stability. The NB Ultra Soft Comfort Insert cushions and supports your foot. These elements work together to provide you a custom fit and all-day comfort.

Rubber Outsole: Great Traction and Durability

The New Balance 481 supination sneaker works indoors and outdoors. The all-terrain rubber outsole grips multiple surfaces. The shoe’s sturdy outsole will minimize slips and falls, so walk with confidence.

Product Details

12.9 x 7.93 x 4.6 inches.
1.78 oz.


For outstanding support and stability, the New Balance 481 supination shoe is ideal. The lightweight, breathable mesh and leather upper and Cush+ midsole provide comfort and shock absorption. This shoe’s Comfort Collar ankle design and NB Ultra Soft Comfort Insert cushion and fit. The all-terrain rubber outsole provides traction and durability in any climate. Shoes matter. The New Balance 481 offers unmatched supination support and comfort.

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  • 50% Leather and 50% Mesh upper for lightweight breathability
  • Cush+ midsole cushioning for superior comfort and shock absorption
  • Comfort Collar ankle for superior fit
  • NB Ultra Soft Comfort Insert for extra cushioning
  • All-terrain rubber outsole for excellent traction and durability
  • Product Dimensions: 12.9 x 7.93″


Core feature

specification 50% Leather
specification 50% Mesh
specification Imported
specification Rubber sole

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3) New Balance V1 supination

Best new balance for supination

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The 100% textile New Balance V1 is breathable and flexible. Soft, supportive Fresh Foam Evare cushioning underfoot. This revolutionary design and materials protect and comfort your feet while running.

Weight-optimized performance

The New Balance V1 suits nimble, lightweight runners. Lightweight but durable running shoes. They weigh 1.23 pounds and measure 23.62 x 15.75 x 11.81 inches.

Performance-Boosting Construction

Engineered mesh makes the New Balance V1 very breathable. This keeps feet cool and dry during intense workouts. The lightweight EVA outsole supports and cushions runs.

New Balance V1 Style

The elegant New Balance V1 performs nicely. These stylish sneakers are functional. The track or street will notice the New Balance V1’s bold style and brilliant colors.

Best: NB V1 Supination Running Shoes

New Balance V1 supination running shoes are the most comfortable, stylish, and effective. Cushioned, lightweight, and breathable footwear. New Balance V1 pampers feet. These awesome footwear improve your running!

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  1. 100% Textile for durability.
  2. Rubber sole for traction.
  3. Fresh Foam Evare cushioning for soft support.
  4. Lightweight engineered mesh uppers for breathable fit.
  5. Product Dimensions of 23.62 x 15.75 x 11.81 inches and weight of 1.23 pounds for lightweight running experience.”


Core feature

specification 100% Textile
specification Rubber sole
specification cushioned running shoes

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4) New Balance 608 supination

Best new balance for supination

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NB 608. Imported and handcrafted, this shoe. Explore the New Balance 608’s incredible features.

1. Superior Durability and Flexibility: Leather and Rubber Design

The New Balance 608 has a leather-rubber upper. This fusion makes the shoe durable and flexible. Thus, it is durable and adaptable.

PU Foam Insole: Lightweight and Comfortable

Lightweight New Balance 608s are notable. This shoe alleviates heavy shoe fatigue. PU foam insoles offer superior cushioning. Cloudwalking alleviates foot pain.

3. Rubber Sole Improves Traction and Stability

High-traction, stable activities suit the New Balance 608. This shoe’s rubber sole grips and stabilizes on different surfaces. The New Balance 608 is great for gym and park walks.

New Balance 608 Supination: Discerning Shoes

The New Balance 608 Supination has the best comfort, support, and style. Comfortable leather shoe. Discover the New Balance 608 Supination.

1. NB Soft + Supportive Comfort Insert provides new comfort. This remarkable invention cushions your foot for comfort. Enjoy

all-day comfort.

2. Superior Durability: Leather Upper 100% leather makes the New Balance 608 Supination durable and snug. Knowing this

footwear can handle anything lets you go about your day.

3. Excellent Traction and Cushioning: Rubber Sole and Lightweight Injection Molded EVA Foam Midsole

The New Balance 608 Supination’s rubber sole offers unrivaled traction. A lightweight injection-molded EVA foam midsole cushions this shoe. Relax and support.

Weight, size.

The 13.27 x 7.22 x 4.88-inch New Balance 608 Supination fits most feet. This lightweight sneaker weighs 10.8 ounces.

New Balance 608 improves supination.

The New Balance 608 Supination is unrivaled at supination. This shoe revolutionizes comfort, durability, and stability. New Balance 608 Supination provides unsurpassed comfort and support. Maximize comfort today!

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  1. 100% leather upper provides a snug fit.
  2. Rubber sole provides excellent traction.
  3. PU foam insert and lightweight injection molded EVA foam midsole provide lightweight cushioning.
  4. Phantom Liner interior and internal midsole shank provide extra support.
  5. NB Soft + Supportive Comfort Insert adds additional cushioning for a comfortable fit.”


Core feature

specification 100% Leather
specification Imported
specification Rubber sole
specification PU Foam insert

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5) New Balance 877 supination

Best new balance for supination

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try the New Balance 877. This game-changing shoe is designed and made to perfection. Let’s explore what makes the New Balance 877 the top pick for supination relief.

1. Comfortable Mesh Upper

The New Balance 877’s mesh upper keeps feet cool and dry even during tough exercises. End sweaty, uncomfortable feet! The innovative mesh material maximizes ventilation for all-day comfort.

2. Suede Detailing for Style and Durability

With its suede accents, the New Balance 877 is utilitarian and stylish. The elegant design shows the craftsmanship and attention to detail. These stylish details enhance your look and make the footwear last.

3. Durable Rubber

The New Balance 877 uses premium rubber to ensure durability. This guarantees a durable product that retains its quality and shape over time. The New Balance 877 provides unrivaled supination support on roads or tough terrain.

4. Excellent Traction on All Surfaces

The New Balance 877 lets supinators confidently navigate different surfaces. These sneakers’ rubber soles grip and traction enabling you to overcome any terrain. The New Balance 877 supports you on slick walkways and uneven paths.

5. Comfortable Fit

New Balance values comfort. The New Balance 877 is meticulously crafted to fit snugly and comfortably. These sneakers fit your feet well, minimizing supination discomfort. The New Balance 877 supports your runs, walks, and workouts.


The New Balance 877 is a stylish, comfortable shoe for supination sufferers. This shoe is meticulously made, from its mesh upper to its suede detailing. Supination sufferers prefer it for its durability, grip, and fit. Don’t compromise. The New Balance 877 offers unmatched support, style, and comfort.

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  • Lightweight and comfortable material.
  • Anti-pronation biomechanical reinforcement technology.
  • Gel forefoot and air capsules for cushioning.
  • Non-slip heel helps to prevent slipping and sliding in shoes.
  • Product dimensions are 10.24 x 3.71 x 0.94 inches and weighs 2.63 ounces.”


Core feature

Brand New Balance
Date First Available May 16, 2014
Department ‏ mens
Item model number MW877GT
Product Dimensions 13.2 x 7.4 x 5 inches; 15.5 Ounces

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6) EASYFEET Medium Arch supination

Best new balance for supination

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EASYFEET Medium Arch insoles relieve medium arch pain. Redistributing pressure points efficiently reduces discomfort. These insoles relieve foot and lower body pain.

Combating Pronation and Supination

EASYFEET Medium Arch insoles fight pronation and supination. Pronation—the foot rolling inward—can cause discomfort and injuries. These insoles’ anti-pronation function prevents this inward roll, aligning your feet and lowering injury risk.

Supination includes excessive foot outward rolling. Anti-supination in EASYFEET Medium Arch insoles stabilize and prevent excessive outward rolling. These insoles provide stability and decrease supination-related discomfort and injury.

Staying Balanced

EASYFEET Medium Arch insoles balance pronation and supination and promote foot health. This feature improves posture and lowers stress on the feet, knees, and hips. These insoles provide comfort and reduce strain by preserving balance and alignment.

Natural Gait and Injury Prevention

EASYFEET Medium Arch insoles align to provide a natural gait while walking or standing. These insoles prevent injuries by aligning your feet. They stabilize your feet and allow you to move confidently. These insoles make long walks and stands comfortable and safe.

EASYFEET Medium Arch Insoles Improve Foot Health

EASYFEET Medium Arch insoles boost foot health and assist daily activities. These insoles provide medium arches with superior support by addressing pronation, supination, balance, and alignment. EASYFEET Medium Arch insoles promote posture, stress, and comfort for optimal foot health.

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  • Lightweight and comfortable material.
  • Anti-pronation biomechanical reinforcement technology.
  • Gel forefoot and air capsules for cushioning.
  • Non-slip heel helps to prevent slipping and sliding in shoes.
  • Product dimensions are 10.24 x 3.71 x 0.94 inches and weighs 2.63 ounces.”


Core feature

Color Black
Use for Feet
Material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Recommended Uses For Product Heel,Shoe


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7) New Balance 880 supination

Best new balance for supination

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The New Balance 880’s breathable mesh top keeps feet cool and comfy when running. This revolutionary design optimizes airflow, reducing moisture and heat buildup. Enjoy running without sweaty feet!

Synthetic Overlay for Strength

A synthetic overlay strengthens the New Balance 880. This overlay strengthens the shoe and supports your feet. The New Balance 880 can handle lengthy runs and intense workouts.

Custom Lace-Up Fit

Running shoes must fit well. The lace-up New Balance 880 recognizes this. You may effortlessly adjust the tightness to suit your foot shape and running style. The New Balance 880’s tight fit reduces running pain.

Custom Orthotics Removable Insole

The New Balance 880 is convenient for people with bespoke orthotics or extra support. Its replaceable footbed lets you use your own custom orthotics for the ideal fit and support. New Balance 880 supports any level of assistance.


The New Balance 880 is an excellent supination-fighting running shoe. The synthetic overlay supports and the mesh upper cools your feet. The removable insole accommodates custom orthotics, and the lace-up mechanism customizes fit. The New Balance 880 is the perfect shoe for supination support.

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  1. Lightweight and breathable synthetic-and-mesh upper.
  2. Secure lace-up closure.
  3. Comfortable round toe and molded footbed.
  4. Removable footbed for easy customization.
  5. Super soft Fresh Foam midsole and responsive top-bed foam for cushioning and support.”


Core feature

specification Synthetic-and-mesh
specification Made in the USA or Imported
specification Synthetic sole
specification Lace-up closure.

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Best new balance for supination 2023- Complete Buying Guide

People with supination need the right balance of support, cushioning and comfort when running. They put more pressure on the outside of their feet. It’s important to find the perfect running shoe. Whether a marathoner or sprinter, any supinator needs stability and cushioning in their running shoe.

This guide offers an overview of what makes a great shoe for running with supination. It suggests size, material and design features, and explains how they influence performance. We also list popular 2021-2023 releases from New Balance, Asics and Saucony. By the end, you’ll be ready to pick the perfect pair of shoes to improve your next run!

Explanation of supination

Supination is a confusing motion for many. It happens when the foot rolls outwards during moving. This can lead to stress fractures, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and other harms.

To stop this and prevent injuries in athletes, doctors and physical therapists suggest finding the right shoe.

The perfect shoe for supination should be:

  • cushioned,
  • offer arch support,
  • while being flexible,
  • have enough traction to avoid slipping in wet or icy conditions,
  • have a midsole stiffness suited to your weight and activity level.

By combining all these features, you can reduce the risk of supination-related injuries and increase performance.

Importance of finding the right shoes for supination

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Getting the right shoes for supination is essential. Poorly fitted shoes can lead to pain, inflammation, and stress on the feet. Shoes that are too loose can cause pronation, straining ankles, legs, and knees. Shoes that are too tight or low quality can cause sprains and joint injuries.

Your shoes must provide enough support for standing and walking. Shoes with good arch support reduce over-pronation. They give structure and balance and reduce pressure points. Correctly fitted shoes also stop your ankles from twisting, which could cause shin splints.

Understanding Supination

Supination is also known as underpronation. It happens when the heel of the foot rolls outward and pushes off from the outside edges of the feet. This type of running gait can cause a number of issues, like Achilles tendon tears and shin splints. It can also increase a runner’s risk for injury.

To prevent or reduce the issues, runners who are prone to supination should get shoes with more cushioning. They should also have flexible materials that allow their feet to contour naturally to the ground. Additionally, look for shoes with motion control features. These offer extra arch support and proper cushioning along the sole. Shoes with firmer outsoles work best for providing stability and balance while running.

The right footwear can make a big difference in comfort while running and reduce the risk of injury due to supination. So, take time when selecting new running shoes. Also, use custom orthotics or wear heel pads during workouts for extra protection.

Definition of supination

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Supination is when the ankle rolls outward when weight is applied. It can be part of an underlying condition or an injury. The outward movement causes pain and long-term damage if untreated.

People with supination should get special shoes. These shoes should support the arch, have heel cups, cushioning foam, and breathable mesh. The type of activity should match the type of footwear. This helps with comfort and prevents damage due to supination.

Causes of supination

Identifying the cause of supination is essential when buying a new running shoe. Supination is when your feet roll too much outward with pressure. This may be because of low arches or muscle imbalances in your legs and hips. Although it can’t always be avoided, knowing the causes of supination can help you find the right shoe to stop more serious injuries.

Causes of supination include:

  • Flat feet or low arches
  • Tight Achilles tendon
  • Swayback
  • Weak glutes, quads or hamstrings
  • Poor muscle conditioning
  • Standing, walking or running on hard surfaces for long with ill-fitting shoes.

Effects of supination on the feet and body

Supination of feet has many impacts on the body. It can raise the risk of injuries, such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. This is because the strain on these muscles and tendons increases. It can also cause muscle imbalances, which can reduce mobility and lower limb function.

Supination also affects the arch of the foot. Those with supination usually have a higher or flatter arch than those with normal pronation. This can cause unnatural pressure points on the foot and pain during activity or day-to-day use. So correcting this should be a priority.

Moreover, due to the abnormal structure caused by severe supination, bunions and hammertoes are more likely to occur. The toes are forced out of alignment as they walk and stand. The extra strain over time deforms them and can lead to painful deformities. These need medical treatment if not corrected soon.

III. Characteristics of Shoes for Supination

Shoes for supination should have certain qualities. All shoes are different, but when looking for the best new balance in 2023 there are some factors to consider:

  • Upper Materials: Good arch support means a secure fit that won’t slip. Partial synthetic materials and leather can provide flexibility without compromising support.
  • Cushioning: The most important feature is specialized cushioning. Look for dual density midsoles with extra cushioning on the medial side, heel and toe box. This offers shock-absorption and can help prevent injuries.
  • Supination Bars: Shoes for supinators may come with bars along the midsole. These promote fat displacement which is important for athletes and casual users.

Arch support

Arch support is key when it comes to finding your perfect new balance. Your foot arch helps decide how much support you need. High and pronounced arches need shoes with more arch support.

Shoes with additional arch support reduce pain from plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Look for new balance shoes with:

  • Extra cushioning
  • Dual-layer midsoles
  • Removable insoles
  • Integrated orthotic systems

These provide extra arch support.


When choosing running shoes for supination, cushioning is key. It absorbs shock, reduces joint stress and eases discomfort while walking or running.

Cushioning types, from lightest to heaviest:

  • Minimal: Less than 10mm of cushion under heel & forefoot. Gives a connected feel with minimal protection. Ideal for high intensity workouts or distance running on firm surfaces.
  • Lightweight: 10-20 mm thick midsole cushioning. Offers balance between energy return and shock protection – great for a variety of activities.
  • Moderate/Maximum/Maximum Plus: 20mm+ cushioning. Too much absorption which can detract from performance gains when running faster. Good for trails & cobblestones, and extra support for recovery runs & long walks.


Stability shoes are designed to help runners who need support and cushion. The heel counter around the back of the shoes gives extra stability and balance when running. The midsole is softer than traditional running shoes, for more cushion and shock absorption. These shoes have added medial posts/welt-like protrusions to reduce excessive supination.

Motion control shoes are a subcategory of stability shoes. They offer extra support and a firmer heel counter and midsole. Perfect for serious over-pronators.


Finding a new balance shoe for supination can be tricky. But, with the right research and knowledge of what type of shoe works best for you, you can make an informed choice.

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect new balance shoe, so you can enjoy happy, pain-free movements for years to come!

  • Check the cushioning, support and geometry of the shoe.
  • Look at reviews and ask experts at running stores.
  • That way, you can get the right shoe that meets your needs and avoids any risk of discomfort or injury.


Is New Balance Fresh Foam good for supination?

New Balance Fresh Foam is generally considered good for those with supination, as the shoes provide ample support to the feet, reducing the risk of injury and promoting a comfortable walking experience.

Are New Balance good for Underpronation?

Yes, New Balance is a great brand for those with underpronation, as they offer shoes with a supportive, cushioned midsole that can help reduce the impact on the feet and provide stability.

Is New Balance 860 good for Underpronation?

The New Balance 860 is a great option for those with underpronation, as it features a stability design that provides support to the feet and helps to prevent excessive inward rolling of the foot.

Are New Balance 574 good for standing all day?

New Balance 574 is a popular choice for those who need a shoe for standing all day, as the shoe has a supportive design and a cushioned insole that provides comfort for long periods of standing.

Why is New Balance 574 popular?

New Balance 574 is popular for several reasons, including its classic design, versatility, and comfortable fit. The shoes are available in a variety of colors and are suitable for a range of activities, making them a versatile option for many people.

Why is New Balance 550 so popular?

The New Balance 550 is popular due to its classic design, affordability, and versatility. The shoe is suitable for a range of activities, making it a popular choice for those who are looking for a casual, all-around shoe.

Why is New Balance 990 so popular?

The New Balance 990 is popular due to its classic design, comfort, and durability. The shoe has been around for several decades and is well-known for its quality and durability, making it a popular choice for those looking for a high-quality running shoe.

Are New Balance 550 comfortable for walking?

The New Balance 550 is considered comfortable for walking, as the shoe features a cushioned insole and supportive design that provides comfort for extended periods of walking.

Is New Balance better than Nike?

This is subjective and depends on personal preferences. Both New Balance and Nike offer high-quality shoes that are suitable for different activities and preferences. Ultimately, the best brand for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

What are the best new balances to get?

Some popular New Balance shoes include the New Balance 990, Fresh Foam 1080, 860, and 574. The best New Balance shoes for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences, such as your foot shape, gait, and the type of activity you will be using the shoes for.

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