Best shoes for over supination 2023

Supination got you down? Need 2023’s best shoes? Your search is over! In this guide, you’ll get the scoop on shoes designed for over supination. Check it out to find the right pair for your feet and relief from the pain.

best shoes for over supination 2023

  1. TIDU shoes supination(Editor’s Pick)
  2. XPACS Arch supination(Best Overall)
  3. XPACS Walking Shoes supination(Budget Friendly)
  4. OrthoComfoot Orthopedic supination
  5. OrthoComfoot Boat supination
  6. Brooks Running Shoe supination
  7. Ryka Running Shoe supination

1) TIDU shoes supination

best shoes for over supination

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Overpronators love TIDU shoes. These lightweight canvas and suede sneakers provide excellent ventilation and comfort. The PU memory foam base and high-grade dampening gel pads dissipate heat and cushion your feet.

Best Support and Stability

TIDU shoes handle overpronation. The high-quality orthotic insole, TPU, and cushioning layer provide extra support and stability, improving foot alignment and reducing injuries. No more arch soreness after long wear.

Flexibility and Comfort

For everyday wear, TIDU shoes are lightweight and flexible. Every stride is cushioned and shock-absorbed by the lightweight EVA midsole and sturdy rubber outsole. TIDU shoes combine style and comfort.

Overpronation Companion

Overpronators should choose TIDU shoes. They are lightweight, flexible, and provide excellent cushioning, heat dissipation, and support. The canvas and suede upper keeps your feet cool and comfy, while the PU memory foam base and high-grade dampening gel pads give unmatched cushioning.

Overpronation shouldn’t keep you from having fun or exploring. TIDU shoes are comfortable, supportive, and stylish. Take confident steps towards a healthier, happier you. Invest in foot health today and feel the difference!

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Women’s Canvas Walking Shoes with Orthopedic Arch Support First hand review

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  1. Lightweight (1.1 pounds) 
  2. Breathable canvas and suede upper 
  3. PU memory foam base and high-grade dampening gel pads 
  4. Premium quality orthotic insole and hard TPU and cushioning layer 
  5. Lightweight EVA midsole and durable rubber outsole”


Core feature


specification Canvas
specification Suede
specification Rubber
specification Imported
specification Rubber sole

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2) XPACS Arch supination

best shoes for over supination

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XPACS Arch Supination provides orthopaedic support with style. These trainers are stylish and flexible. Orthopaedic craftsmanship supports your feet, eliminating fatigue and discomfort.

Superior Comfort

XPACS Arch Supination Sneakers are comfortable and breathable thanks to suede material. The Memory Foam and Orthopaedic Insoles support and cushion your feet for long-term comfort. The slip-on design and ergonomic footbed ensure a tight fit.

Improved Foot Motion

These trainers’ arch support encourages natural foot position and alignment. Control foot motion technology makes walking more natural and comfortable, decreasing foot strain.

Quality and Durability

Arch Supination trainers are made by XPACS, known for their high-quality and durable shoes. Advanced top stitching and lightweight EVA materials provide style and durability. These trainers provide support and comfort for many trips.


Adult fashionistas can wear leopard-colored XPACS Arch Supination trainers. They weigh 8.82 ounces and are 5.91 x 4.72 x 0.59 inches, making them lightweight for your feet.


XPACS Arch Supination Sneakers are fashionable and supportive. These shoes are great for improving foot health without losing style. XPACS Arch Supination Sneakers offer flair and comfort. No regrets!

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XPACS Women’s Slip On Shoes with Arch Support First hand review

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  1. Comfortable suede leather material 
  2. Breathable memory foam insole 
  3. Orthopedic insole for added support 
  4. Arch support design for natural foot position 
  5. Slip on design for easy on/off 


Core feature


Size 6
Use for Feet
Age Range (Description) Adult
Color W2-leopard

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3) XPACS Walking Shoes supination

best shoes for over supination

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XPACS Walking Shoes easily combine fashion and function. The sophisticated leather exterior will turn heads everywhere you go. The silky faux fur lining makes every stride feel luxurious. These shoes are perfect for formal events or a stroll in the park.

Unmatched Supination Support

The XPACS Walking Shoes assist supination with comfort in mind. Walk without pain. The orthopaedic insoles and arch support design cradle and correct your feet. You can walk pain-free with these sneakers.

Top-Notch Features

Let’s look at the XPACS Walking Shoes’ standout features:

1.Faux fur and leather upper

The faux fur and leather accentuate these sneakers. The leather upper is elegant and durable, while the faux fur lining is cosy. It looks good and makes these shoes last.

2.EVA+Rubber Sole

XPACS Walking Shoes have EVA and rubber soles. This smart mix cushions every footfall. The flexible shape lets your feet move freely, eliminating strain and pain throughout long usage.

3. Handcrafted Arch Support

Supinators need good arch support. It improves stability, foot alignment, and arch support. Step confidently knowing your feet are well-supported.

4.Correct Footbed

The ergonomically designed footbed fits your feet perfectly. This personalised fit maximises comfort and reduces the risk of foot problems caused by ill-fitting shoes.

5. Advanced Topstitching

The shoes’ durable stitching adds elegance. These stylish and supportive sneakers will last.

6.Tonal elastic laces

Tonal elasticity laces make shoelaces easy to use and secure. Slip into the snug and comfy XPACS Walking Shoes.

7. Lightweight EVA

Forget bulky, clunky shoes. Lightweight EVA materials make the XPACS Walking Shoes comfortable all day. Support mobility.

Adaptable Clothing

XPACS Walking Shoes can do anything. These shoes match any attire, formal or informal. They’re excellent for work and weekend wear.


Finally, the XPACS Walking Shoes are stylish, supportive, and comfortable. For supinators, their fake fur and leather upper, EVA+RUBBER sole, and arch support design make walking enjoyable. Leave discomfort behind and enjoy stylish walking. XPACS Walking Shoes offer stylish foot support without sacrificing quality.

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XPACS Women’s Walking Shoes with Arch Support First hand review

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  1. Stylish faux fur and leather upper 
  2. EVA+RUBBER sole and crafted arch support design for maximum support and comfort 
  3. Orthopedic insoles and ergonomics accurate foot bed for additional comfort 
  4. Lightweight EVA materials and flexible and cushioning sole for all-day wearability 
  5. Slip resistance and advanced comfort technology for flexible and cushioning support”


Core feature


specification Faux Fur and Leather Upper
specification EVA+RUBBER sole
specification Orthopedic insoles

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4) OrthoComfoot Orthopedic supination

best shoes for over supination

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Canvas OrthoComfoot Orthopaedic Supination shoes are breathable. Long-wearing feet are comfy with this design. All-day breathability keeps feet dry.

Durable Rubber Outsole

OrthoComfoot Orthopaedic Supination shoes offer grippy rubber outsoles. These shoes minimise slips and falls on flat and rough surfaces. High-quality rubber makes shoes durable.

Plantar fasciitis aid

These plantar fasciitis-friendly trainers prioritise comfort. OrthoComfoot Supination shoes provide plantar support and cushioning. These shoes assist plantar fasciitis patients walk.

Soft Insoles

OrthoComfoot Orthopaedic Supination shoes’ insole technology improves comfort. These shoes have lower support, orthopaedic, and arch support insoles. TPU, PU memory foam, and a latex metatarsal pad enhance fit and comfort.

All-Day Gel Waves

OrthoComfoot Orthopaedic Supination shoes reduce shock with gel waves. Gel waves massage feet throughout long activity. Gel waves relieve foot fatigue and soreness.

High-Quality Materials

OrthoComfoot Orthopaedic Supination shoes offer durable, stylish materials. These stylish sneakers support.

Perfect Support and Comfort

Recent OrthoComfoot Orthopaedic Supination shoes met my expectations. These shoes are stylish, supportive, and comfortable. After hours, my feet feel good. Arch support insoles improved my foot health.

OrthoComfoot Orthopaedic Supination shoes are fashionable and supportive. They’re great for foot health and comfort. OrthoComfoot Orthopaedic Supination shoes provide comfort.

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OrthoComfoot Women’s Orthopedic Slip On Shoes First hand review

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  1. Canvas upper and rubber sole for maximum comfort and support. 
  2. Lower support insoles, orthopedic insoles, and arch support insoles for extra cushioning and comfort. 
  3. Massaging gel waves absorb shock and cushioning for all-day comfort. 
  4. Super lightweight and slip-on for easy on and off. 
  5. Product Dimensions: 11.46 x 7.52 x 4.69 inches; 8.82 Ounces.”


Core feature


specification Canvas Upper
specification EVA+RUBBER outsole
specification lower support insoles
specification Orthopedic Insoles
specification Rubber sole

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5) OrthoComfoot Boat supination

best shoes for over supination

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OrthoComfoot Boat Supination offers superior foot support. This sneaker pampers your foot with unmatched comfort and customization. Let’s examine this shoe’s unique qualities:

1. Comfortable Fit

Adjustability makes the OrthoComfoot Boat Supination stand out. You can easily customise the fit to meet your foot shape and size, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Replace discomfort with a shoe that fits correctly.

2. Strong, Breathable Canvas

The OrthoComfoot Boat Supination simply combines durability and breathability with high-quality canvas. This makes it suitable for extended usage, keeping feet fresh and pleasant even after long hours. These breathable shoes eliminate sweaty, suffocated feet.

3. Replaceable Parts Extend Life.

Replace extends the OrthoComfoot Boat Supination’s lifespan. It’s okay if shoe parts wear out. Replace the worn parts and your shoes are like new. This innovative design provides long-term support and comfort.

4.Excellent Traction and Stability

The OrthoComfoot Boat Supination supports your feet whether you’re walking in the city or outdoors! With a grippy outsole, you may comfortably walk on varied terrain.

5. Most Supportive and Comfortable Shoe

For superior support and comfort, use the OrthoComfoot Boat Supination. Choose a shoe that fits, keeps your feet dry, and lasts. This recommended alternative brings comfort and eliminates discomfort.

OrthoComfoot Boat Supination is the ultimate support and comfort for your feet.

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OrthoComfoot Women’s Boat Shoes with Arch Support First hand review

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  1. Quality build ensures long-lasting use 
  2. Form-fitting interior and cushioning system provide a comfortable and secure fit 
  3. Soft blown rubber outsole supplies both traction and grip 
  4. Promotes natural forefoot movement and fluidity 
  5. Product dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches; 2 Pounds”


Core feature


specification Imported
specification Rubber sole
specification form-fitting interior
specification cushioned and secure

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6) Brooks Running Shoe supination

best shoes for over supination

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The Brooks Running Shoe is sturdy. Its imported manufacturing makes it a durable shoe. Runners who abuse their shoes benefit from this durability.

Maximum Grip and Durability

The Brooks Running Shoe’s rubber sole improves grip and stability. This shoe supports you on the indoor track or in hard outdoor terrain. The sole’s resilience ensures excellent performance on varied surfaces.

Impact-Reducing Cushioning

This shoe’s cushioning absorbs shock with each step. It protects your feet and joints by reducing impact. Enjoy a more comfortable run.

Correct Fit and Alignment

The Brooks Running Shoe’s improved fit and alignment accommodate supination. This running shoe supports and corrects outward foot roll. Supination sufferers should choose it because it improves gait and prevents alignment troubles.

Ultimate Comfort, Support, and Durability

Finally, the Brooks Running Shoe for supination offers comfort, support, and durability. It is carefully designed to meet your running needs, letting you focus on your performance without discomfort or poor support.

Start your fitness journey with confidence and support in the Brooks Running Shoe for supination. Say goodbye to injuries, hello to maximum comfort, and unlock your running potential. Improve with Brooks!

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Brooks Ghost 14 Men’s Neutral Running Shoe First hand review

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  1. Breathable leather and synthetic upper 
  2. Secure lace up closure 
  3. Memory foam insole for cushioning and support 
  4. Lightweight molded EVA midsole for shock absorption 
  5. Heel crash pad for”


Core feature


specification Leather and Synthetic
specification Imported
specification Rubber sole

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7) Ryka Running Shoe supination

best shoes for over supination

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Stop looking! Ryka Running Shoes are ideal. Premium synthetic materials make this sneaker durable and long-lasting. The rubber sole provides excellent traction for jogging. Let’s examine what makes the Ryka Running Shoe perfect for supination.

1. Long-Lasting Synthetic Materials

The Ryka Running Shoe uses high-quality synthetic materials. These materials keep the shoe’s performance and durability. Synthetic fabrics are ideal for supination runners since they are durable.

2. Rubber-soled Shoes

Supination requires stable footing. The Ryka Running Shoe’s rubber sole provides stability, reducing slips and injuries. This shoe’s sole grips on track, trail, and road.

3. Breathability for Superior Comfort

We recognise the value of cool, comfortable feet throughout workouts. Ryka Running Shoes are built for breathability. This sneaker ventilates, keeping your feet dry and focused on running.

4. Superior Fitting Construction

Runners—especially supinators—prioritize comfort. High-quality craftsmanship gives the Ryka Running Shoe that. A snug and supportive fit improves running and reduces blisters.

5. Perfect for Durable, Comfortable, and Breathable Running

Supination sufferers might try the Ryka Running Shoe. Durability, comfort, and breathability make it ideal for jogging. Forget worn-out shoes and running soreness. Ryka Running Shoes boost performance.

The appropriate running shoe can change your running experience. Try the Ryka Running Shoe today to improve your performance and comfort. Enjoy running with a supination-friendly shoe. Don’t wait—upgrade your running with the Ryka Running Shoe!

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Ryka Women’s, Ultimate Running Shoe First hand review

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Best shoes for over supination 2023- Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to our crazy buying guide for the top shoes for over supination in 2023! Supination is when too much force is on the outside of your feet, making your body misaligned. This can cause injury, so it’s important to have shoes that give you cushioning and arch support. We did research and gathered a list of features that you should look for. Knowing these features will help you pick the right shoes for this condition.

This guide will discuss:

  1. Kinds of Shoes For Over Supination
  2. What To See When Shopping For Shoes For Over Supination
  3. Things To Think Of Before Buying Shoes For Over Supination
  4. The Advantages Of Wearing Shoes For Over Supination
  5. How To Care For Your Shoes Right

By reading this guide, you’ll have all the info you need to get the best shoes for over pronation in 2023!

Definition of Over-supination

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Over-supination is a foot condition. It stops the foot from absorbing enough shock when running or walking. This can cause problems with the lower leg, ankle muscles, mid-foot and metatarsal bones.

People with this problem need shoes to cushion the shock. Specialized shoes for over-supination give full support to the arches and ankles. They also help weight to be distributed properly. Plus, they absorb impact and disperse shock better.

Shoes specifically designed for over-supination will provide maximum cushioning, comfort and safety when running or walking.

Importance of Choosing the Right Shoes

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Choosing the wrong shoes can cause injury. It is vital to select shoes that manage over-supination. People with over-supination are prone to ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis and shin splints.

Here are three features to consider:

  • Arch Support: Look for firm midsole inserts to avoid foot fatigue and muscle strain.
  • Shock Absorption: Polyurethane soles are good for shock absorption and flexibility.
  • Heel Collar: Rigid heel counters and foam padding will provide support and comfort.

Characteristics of Good Shoes for Over-supination

Finding shoes for over-supination can be tough. You need to know your foot type and what shoes provide support and comfort. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Cushioning: Shoes should have cushioning in the midsole and outsole for absorbing shock and providing support.
  • Arch Support: Get shoes that cradle your foot and reduce pronation.
  • Heel Counter: Look out for a good heel counter with cushioning for stability, protection and comfort.
  • Midsole Firmness: The midsole helps absorb shock, protect against impacts and increase energy; this should not be overlooked by people with over-supination.

Arch Support

When shopping for shoes, arch support is key for those who over-supinate. It helps reduce tension and discomfort in other parts of the foot and can improve gait. Look for shoes with cushioning and support in areas you need. Technologies like molded footbeds and contoured arches are great for comfort. You can also invest in insoles or orthotics for extra arch support.


Cushioning is essential when finding the perfect shoe for over supination. It helps with shock-absorption, support, stabilisation, pressure reduction, and absorbing impact of your strides. There are several types of cushioning to choose from, like gel, foam, and Lunarlon.

Gel cushioning is a high-quality type. It disperses energy via shock pods located in the midsole. This gives extra support and stability for your foot.

Foam cushioning provides shock absorption using lightweight foam midsole. It’s great for extra pronation or underpronation (over supination) as it offers extra support without sacrificing comfort or flexibility.

Lunarlon cushioning has both firm and soft foam pieces. It provides comfort, traction, and durability. The responsive core reduces impact on foot stress areas, like your heel or arch, when you go out on long runs with over supination issues.


When it comes to comfort and stability, shoes made for over pronation give superior arch support, cushioning and extra flexibility. This is essential for running or playing sports like basketball or tennis.

The best shoes for over pronation keep your feet supported and comfortable. They also provide cushioning in the soles.

Look for:

  • Midsole with technology to improve cushioning and flexibility.
  • Arch support that fits snugly.
  • A springy outsole for an energetic feeling.
  • Materials like leather, textiles, synthetics and rubber.
  • Wide toe box to give toes room and reduce irritation.
  • Design that provides stability with each footstrike.

III. Top 5 Best Shoes for Over-supination 2023

The market for orthopedic shoes has grown. Here are 5 of the best running shoes for over-supination in 2023. They have cushioned midsoles, wide toe boxes, long-lasting durability, superior traction and support.

  1. Nike Free RN 5: Lightweight and flexible. It has a Flywire lacing system that offers a snug fit. Foam rubber cushioning absorbs impacts.
  2. ASICS GEL DS Trainer 24: Lightweight and well cushioned. GEL cushioning technology provides arch and foot support.
  3. New Balance 890v7 Neutral: Lightweight and breathable. Knitted upper gives a sock-like feel. TPU wrap arounds provide protection from excessive pronation.
  4. Brooks Ghost 12: Offers stability and comfort. BioMoGo DNA midsole adapts to gait. Lightweight.
  5. Mizuno Wave Inspire 15: Full length U4IcX midsole material offers bounce and support. Knit out upper is flexible and breathable. Customization options.

Asics Gel-Kayano 27

The Asics Gel-Kayano 27 is ideal for runners with over supination. It’s a supportive and comfortable neutral running shoe built for long distances and performance. It features a full-length DuoMax Support System for stability and cushioning from heel to toe. Organic fibers are rotated parallel to each other, providing needed flexibility and support. The Gel Technology helps absorb shock and evenly disperse impact all over the foot.

This lightweight, stable shoe is great for reducing pronation issues while still providing cushioning and support during longer runs.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 shoes are great for overpronators. They have superior cushioning and guidance tech to reduce pronation. The GuideRail system supports the foot from the midfoot up through the ankle for improved stabilization. The upper is breathable and supportive for extra comfort.

The midsole has BioMoGo DNA foam, making them lightweight and supportive. The outsole is made of HPR rubber, which is abrasion-resistant and provides traction.

These shoes are perfect for overpronators who log miles on paved terrain or light trails. They have a broad last and feel ultra snug. Long distance stability and comfort make them ideal.

New Balance 860v11

The New Balance 860v11 running shoes have been designed to give superior cushioning and stability. They’re perfect for over-supinators. There’s a medial post on the midsole which reduces pronation and adds arch support. The breathable mesh upper allows airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry. The durable rubber outsoles ensure superior traction and grip on different surfaces.

The soft foam at the heel creates a plush feel for comfortable walks or runs. It comes in a range of colors and is lightweight. Perfect for high-mileage runners who need a combination of cushioning and stability.


Choosing the right shoes for over-supination is key to managing the problem and keeping your foot health in check. Factors to consider depend on how active you are and the amount of support you need. Buy from reliable makers that specialize in providing shoes for over-supination. Think about combining cushioning and corrective elements, such as a deep heel cup and stabilized midsole. Most importantly, don’t forget to replace shoes regularly for the best support and comfort.


What type of shoe should a supinator wear?

A supinator, or someone who has a tendency to walk on the outside of their feet, should wear shoes with ample support and stability to help distribute their weight evenly and reduce the strain on their feet and ankles. Neutral or stability shoes are usually recommended for supinators.

How do I stop walking on the outside of my feet?

To stop walking on the outside of your feet, it is important to practice proper foot mechanics when walking and standing, as well as engage in strengthening exercises for the feet and ankles. You can also consider wearing shoes with adequate support and stability, or using orthotics to help correct your gait.

Do supinators need arch support?

Yes, supinators often benefit from arch support to help distribute their weight evenly across the foot and reduce the strain on the outside of their feet.

Are Skechers good for supination?

Skechers can be good for supination, depending on the specific style and design of the shoe. It’s important to look for shoes with ample support and stability, and to consider trying them on and walking in them before purchasing to ensure they meet your needs.

How do you fix excessive supination?

Excessive supination can be addressed through a combination of techniques, including proper foot mechanics, strengthening exercises, and the use of supportive footwear or orthotics. Physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitation may also be helpful.

Can supination be cured?

Supination cannot be cured, but it can be managed through proper foot mechanics, physical therapy, and the use of supportive footwear or orthotics.

What causes excessive supination?

Excessive supination can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor foot mechanics, weak foot and ankle muscles, and structural issues such as flat feet. It can also be related to other conditions, such as injury or overuse.

How long does it take to correct supination?

The amount of time it takes to correct supination can vary, as it depends on a number of factors such as the severity of the condition, the specific underlying cause, and the effectiveness of the treatment plan. In some cases, it may take several months or longer to see significant improvement.

What problems does supination cause?

Supination can cause a number of problems, including pain and discomfort in the feet and ankles, knee pain, and an increased risk of injury. Over time, it can also lead to more serious conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

Which is worse pronation or supination?

The effects of pronation and supination can vary, as they both have the potential to cause problems depending on the individual and the severity of the condition. However, excessive supination can be more problematic, as it places additional strain on the outside of the feet and can increase the risk of injury.

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