Best running shoes for supination mens 2023

Supinator? We’ve got the perfect guide for you! In 2023, we’ll show you the top running shoes for stability, comfort and support. What features to look out for? And how to pick the best pair? We’ve got all those answers covered!

Best running shoes for supination mens 2023

  1. Saucony Triumph ISO Running Shoe(Editor’s Pick)
  2. adidas 20 Running Shoe(Best Overall)
  3. Brooks Running Shoe(Budget Friendly)
  4. Saucony Cohesion 13 Running Shoe
  5. Brooks GTS 20  Running Shoe
  6. Mizuno Wave 25 Running Shoe
  7. Brooks GTS 19 Running Shoe

1) Saucony Triumph ISO Running Shoe

Best running shoes for supination mens

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Men that run supinated will love the Saucony Triumph ISO Running Shoe. Synthetic and mesh fabrics provide this shoe toughness and breathability. Let’s look at what makes this shoe so great for runners.

Lightweight and Breathable

The Saucony Triumph ISO keeps your feet cool and dry during intense runs with lightweight synthetic materials and a breathable mesh top. Comfortable long-distance runs benefit from this feature.

 Excellent Traction

Triumph ISO’s rubber sole offers superior grip and traction. This stable grip will give you confidence to tackle varied terrains.

EVERUN Midsole Cushioning

EVERUN midsoles provide energy return and continuous cushioning for a comfortable run. It absorbs impact, relieving foot and joint pain.

Form-Fit Footbed

The form-fit performance contoured footbed provides support and comfort with every step. This unique design keeps your feet in position, reducing injury and pain.

Secure Lacing

Lace-up closure secures fit. It lets you customise the shoe to your foot’s shape and size, letting you push your limits without fear of slippage or instability.

Compact Size

The Saucony Triumph ISO Running Shoe is portable at 12.8 x 7.9 x 4.6 inches and 1.9 pounds. This shoe is lightweight for races and the gym.

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Supinated guys should choose the Saucony Triumph ISO Running Shoe. Its lightweight and breathable materials, improved traction, EVERUN midsole, form-fit performance contoured footbed, and secure lace-up closure make it ideal for short and long-distance runners. The Saucony Triumph ISO is a great running shoe for comfort, support, and performance. With this shoe, run farther and faster.

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  1. Lightweight and breathable synthetic and mesh materials 
  2. EVERUN midsole for enhanced energy return and continuous cushioning
  3. Form-fit performance contoured footbed for superior comfort 
  4. Superior grip and traction on any surface 
  5. Lace-up closure for secure fit 


Core feature


specification Synthetic-and-mesh
specification Imported
specification Rubber sole

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2) adidas 20 Running Shoe

Best running shoes for supination mens

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A feather-light Adidas 20 jogging Shoe will change your jogging experience. The snug-fitting 100% textile top keeps your feet in place as you walk. The Adidas 20 Running Shoe eliminates running discomfort and distractions.

Responsive Boost for Easy Steps

Imagine walking cushioned and energised. The Adidas 20 Running Shoe’s Boost technology delivers. Every step is propelled by this unique technology. Each step feels like sprinting on clouds.

Stability: Trustworthy on Intense Runs

Adidas 20 Running Shoes provide stability for intense runs. Even during intense workouts, it supports your feet. You can push your limits knowing that your shoes will support you and help you overcome any task.

Long Run Endurance

Long-run foot fatigue? No worries! The Adidas 20 Running Shoe is designed for long distances. Its cushioning and lightweight design make it excellent for long runs. The Adidas 20 Running Shoe helps you reach your running goals despite fatigued feet.

Incredibly Comfortable and Supportive Shoe

Finding a running shoe that mixes comfort and support is difficult. The Adidas 20 Running Shoe simplifies that task. Its innovative design provides comfort and support for runners. It’s ideal for runners who want comfort and performance.


The Adidas 20 Running Shoe revolutionises running shoes. Its lightweight and supportive construction provide unmatched comfort. Stability and responsive Boost technology make tough runs fun. This comfortable and supportive sneaker eliminates foot tiredness and discomfort. The Adidas 20 Running Shoe is ideal for ambitious runners.

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  1. Lightweight and breathable open-engineered air mesh upper.
  2. Form-fitting interior and 3D Fit Print technology for additional support and stability.
  3. Removable foam insole for enhanced cushioning.
  4. Soft blown rubber outsole with traction and grip and flex grooves for increased flexibility.
  5. Gender-friendly cushioning and 2 pounds in weight.”

Core feature


specification Imported
specification Rubber sole
specification form-fitting interior
specification open-engineered air mesh upper

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3) Brooks Running Shoe

Best running shoes for supination mens

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Brooks Running Shoes’ rubber soles are durable and grippy. These trainers last kilometres in any weather or terrain. Their consistency allows you focus on your training goals.

Cosy Cushioning

Brooks Running Shoes’ cushioning is unmatched. This shoe’s cushioning supports long runs and intense exercises. Every workout can be fun.

Beautiful Signature Design

The Brooks Running Shoe’s style and performance will wow. Exercise in these stylish shoes. They’ll improve your workouts.

Running and Exercise-Specific

The Brooks Running Shoe suits beginners and pros. Its advanced design and technology attract runners and fitness enthusiasts. Trust your high-quality shoes.


The Brooks Running Shoe is a reliable, comfortable running and training shoe. This shoe’s comfort, traction, and durability enhance performance. For running and fitness, the Brooks Running Shoe is stylish and functional. Why wait? Lace up and let these incredible trainers guide you to fitness excellence!

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  1. Lightweight and breathable construction
  2. Water resistant
  3. Grid technology for excellent cushioning and stability
  4. VersaFoam cushioning for extra cushioning and support
  5. Durable rubber outsole for excellent grip and traction


Core feature


specification Synthetic-and-mesh
specification Imported
specification Synthetic sole

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4) Saucony Cohesion 13 Running Shoe

Best running shoes for supination mens

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The Saucony Cohesion 13 Running Shoe has a mesh top designed for breathability. Even on extended runs, the innovative mesh structure keeps your feet cool and dry. This shoe lets you run without sweaty feet and enjoy every run.

Light and Strong: Imported Synthetic Materials Driven

The Saucony Cohesion 13 is made of premium imported synthetic materials for lightweight durability. These materials make the shoe durable and long-lasting, protecting your investment. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you’ll never be alone.

Low-Top Shaft Support and Flexibility

Its low-top shaft provides support and flexibility. Run freely with unmatched stability. The Saucony Cohesion 13 Running Shoe moves naturally with you.

Technology: Smooth Ride

Saucony Cohesion 13: Running technology’s future. Its cutting-edge design makes any terrain smooth and pleasant. These shoes optimise performance and lessen joint impact every time you put them on. Run comfortably with unrivalled assistance.

Perfect for Every Runner

The Saucony Cohesion 13 Running Shoe fits runners of all levels. Its support, cushioning, and reactivity make it ideal for running enthusiasts.


The Saucony Cohesion 13 Running Shoe is the perfect shoe for demanding runners. Its breathability, lightweight design, and cutting-edge technologies make it stand out. The shoe’s stability and flexibility make every step feel natural. The Saucony Cohesion 13 will improve your running experience and inspire you to take on new challenges.

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  1. Lightweight and breathable construction 
  2. Synthetic upper provides a snug fit 
  3. Flexible rubber outsole provides reliable traction 
  4. Plush and breathable textile upper 
  5. Comfy textile lining and insole for a comfortable fit”


Core feature


specification Made in the USA
specification Imported
specification manmade sole
specification round toe silhouette

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5) Brooks GTS 20  Running Shoe

Best running shoes for supination mens

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The Brooks GTS 20’s support is unmatched. This unique support system decreases injury risk and lets you focus on running by providing a secure fit. With each step, the Brooks GTS 20 gives you confidence and steadiness to reach new running goals.

Fast and Lightweight

Running perfection requires every ounce. Every step is light and nimble with the Brooks GTS 20. This running shoe’s featherweight structure helps you achieve personal bests and win your next race.

Endless Comfort

Long-distance runners value comfort. The Brooks GTS 20 provides excellent foot cushioning and support. Run pain-free for miles. The Brooks GTS 20’s soft upholstery will be your valued companion as you tackle new distances and limitations.

Flexible Performance

Brooks GTS 20 running shoes are performance partners. It responds effortlessly to your walk and speed. The Brooks GTS 20 enhances performance in interval training, tempo workouts, and long-distance runs by matching your motions.

Style and Substance

The Brooks GTS 20’s sleek, modern appearance compliments running clothes. Take the track or trail in style and substance. This running shoe enhances your performance and style.


The Brooks GTS 20 Running Shoe is a top pick for serious runners who want support, lightness, and performance. This shoe is ideal for training and racing due to its advanced support system, lightweight construction, comfort, and versatility. Enjoy running like never before with the Brooks GTS 20. Why wait? With the Brooks GTS 20, run extraordinary.

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  1. Maximum cushion and support.
  2. Super-soft cushioning.
  3. Pillowy soft cushioning.
  4. Lightweight and easy to carry (1.54 pounds).
  5. Smooth transitions for runners.”


Core feature


specification Made in USA
specification Imported
specification too much cushioning

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6) Mizuno Wave 25 Running Shoe

Best running shoes for supination mens

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Running requires a shoe with great grip and durability. Due to its high-quality rubber, the Mizuno Wave 25 Running Shoe performs here. Your feet are securely connected to the ground, reducing the chance of slips and falls on any terrain.

Performance, Design,

The Mizuno Wave 25 is designed for all runners to perform at their best. Imported design ensures high-quality craftsmanship. Every stitch, curve, and contour is engineered to deliver the finest running experience, making it a top pick for runners seeking personal bests.

Comfort and Support Engineered

Running shoes need comfort and support, and the Mizuno Wave 25 delivers. The shoe’s snug fit reduces blisters and discomfort by accommodating runners’ needs. The responsive midsole and extra cushioning make long runs easy.

USA-Made: Superior Quality

The Mizuno Wave 25’s US manufacture is notable. Mizuno guarantees high-quality shoes by making them locally. Quality means a shoe that lasts and performs well no matter how many miles you run.

Running Goals

The Mizuno Wave 25 Running Shoe is your best friend on the road to success, whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend jogger. This running shoe is essential due to its grip, comfort, and performance.


The Mizuno Wave 25 Running Shoe outperforms the competition with its superior features and performance. This shoe’s rubber material’s grip and durability, thoughtful design, and USA production all enhance your running experience. Instead of ordinary, why not extraordinary? Discover your running potential with the Mizuno Wave 25. This shoe will improve your sprinting, jogging, and marathon performance.

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  1. High Mileage Shoe: Ideal for neutral gait runners seeking comfort and durability.
  2. Lightweight and Breathable: Engineered Mesh Upper for 5-star comfort on long runs.
  3. Euphoric Run: ENERZY and U4ic foams in the midsole offer perfect cushioning and shock absorption.
  4. MIZUNO WAVE: Eco-friendly plate disperses impact energy for cushioning and energy return.
  5. Superior Traction: X10 Outsole with durable carbon rubber for longer wear.


Core feature

Product Dimensions  12.28 x 7.4 x 4.65 inches; 1.34 Pounds
Date First Available September 24, 2020
Manufacturer  Mizuno

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7) Brooks GTS 19 Running Shoe

Best running shoes for supination mens

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The Brooks GTS 19 Running Shoe redefines comfort. These sneakers’ superior cushioning keeps your feet comfortable during your run. These shoes will reduce foot fatigue and discomfort regardless of distance or terrain.

Unmatched Traction and Stability

The Brooks GTS 19 Running Shoe handles different terrains easily. These shoes’ high-quality rubber soles give you excellent traction on any surface. These shoes’ steadiness lets you focus on your performance on wet pavement or tough trails.

Comfortable Interior

The Brooks GTS 19 Running Shoe feels like a cloud. These shoes’ interiors are carefully developed for comfort. Wear these shoes for hours without blisters or hot patches.

Customised for Running

The Brooks GTS 19 Running Shoe fits casual joggers and serious athletes. These sneakers are ideal for comfort and support seekers. Run without foot pain or poor cushioning. These shoes improve running and help you attain your potential.

Invest in Running.

Any serious runner should buy the Brooks GTS 19 Running Shoe. These shoes last a long time due to their comfort, support, and durability. These running shoes might improve your performance and jogging journey.


The Brooks GTS 19 Running Shoe is the ideal running shoe for comfort, support, and performance. Its exceptional cushioning, stability, and luxurious inside set it apart. These sneakers are great for anyone who wants to run comfortably and confidently. Why wait? The Brooks GTS 19 Running Shoe offers unmatched comfort and support. Feet will thank you.

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Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 Men’s Supportive Running Shoe First hand review

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  1. Made in USA or Imported
  2. Perfect for Cushioning: Glycerin GTS 19 for runners craving maximum cushioning and GuideRails support.
  3. Holistic Support: Integrated GuideRails keep excess movement in check, protecting the knees.
  4. Maximum Cushion and Support: Ideal for road running, cross training, or the gym.
  5. Super-Soft Comfort: DNA LOFT offers pillowy soft cushioning for an indulgent experience.
  6. Smooth Transitions: Plush transition zone ensures smooth heel-to-toe movement.


Core feature

Package Dimensions 17.28 x 7.32 x 4.61 inches; 1.54 Pounds
Date First Available October 21, 2020
Manufacturer Brooks

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Best running shoes for supination mens 2023- Complete Buying Guide

Heel and forefoot landing are two footstrike types runners use. Depending on which one is chosen, there can be pronation or supination of feet during landing. If there is too much supination, it can lead to injuries. It is important for runners who experience this to get a pair of shoes with good cushioning and stability.

Today, there are many running shoes available, suited to different pronation requirements. In this guide, we will provide the best picks for men’s running shoes that offer cushioning and stability when running with supination gait pattern. We will review each shoe type separately, looking at features such as midsole cushioning, outsoles design, upper construction, and heel counter support. This way, you can make an informed decision when choosing your next pair of shoes.

Brief explanation of supination and why it’s important to choose the right running shoes for it

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Supination, or under-pronation, is a common foot movement. It happens when weight is placed on the outer side of the foot while lifting it from the ground. This can cause problems when running. It may be hard to achieve an efficient gait cycle.

To prevent discomfort or injury, it’s important to choose shoes that accommodate supination. Shoes made for this purpose have a profile suitable for it. Plus, they have cushioning and support to manage this type of motion.

The right shoes will help improve running performance. They’ll also protect better and reduce fatigue over time.

Purpose of the guide

This guide is to give valuable info on the best running shoes for supination in men’s sizes for 2023. There may be other guides but we want to give a full review of the top shoes.

We will explore the types of shoes, why it’s important to pick the right kind, and give detailed buyer’s advice. Plus, our top picks from different categories like stability shoes with arch support and motion-control designs for pronation. After this, you should be able to get the perfect shoes for you.

Understanding Supination

Supination is a biomechanical process. It involves the foot, ankle and lower leg. It ensures smooth and efficient energy transfer for motion. It occurs in the midstance phase of gait. The outside of the foot carries the body’s weight. This position is called ‘supinated’ or ‘everted’ depending on the point of view. The arch needs to be rigid to support force without any movement.

Runners with supination or everted feet need shoes to support their bodies during exercise. They must pay attention to materials and cushioning levels. More cushioning can reduce impact and spread it across the surface of the feet. Turning up the cushion dial an extra notch or two is recommended!

Definition of supination

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Supination, or under-pronation, is a common foot disorder. It is caused by an outward rolling of the foot during gait. This leads to external rotation of the leg and thigh muscles, straining the feet.

Therefore, it is important to select the right running shoes. These should be able to absorb shock, cushion, and support your feet. Different shoes are designed for different types of runners. This provides stability and prevents injury, while increasing performance.

Individuals with supination should invest in high-quality running shoes. These are designed specifically for their foot type. They will provide extra arch support and reduce injury risk by allowing correct pronation control during exercise.

Causes of supination

Supination, or under-pronation, is when the foot does not roll inwards when walking or running. This puts more weight on the outside edges of the foot. If not treated, it can cause problems.

Causes are tight calf muscles, unevenly strong quadriceps and hamstrings, and different leg lengths.

It’s natural for some people. But if you run, walk or do sports, be careful. Get shoes made for pronation and supination. They have extra cushioning, support and a flexible outsole for smoother steps.

Symptoms of supination

Supination is when your foot rolls outwards too much when it touches the ground. This can cause discomfort and other issues.

Symptoms of supination are:

  • Feeling like you are walking on the outside of your foot
  • Pain in the outer ankle, heel and arch after running
  • Calluses on the 5th toe and 4th/5th toe joint
  • Pain when wearing shoes

It’s important for supinators to wear proper running shoes. Specialty shoes cushion the impact of striking the ground and support the extra weight on the east side of the feet while walking.

III. Features of the Best Running Shoes for Supination

When selecting the right running shoes for supination, it’s essential to think about a few important features. Depending on your style of running, some features may be more important than others.

  • Cushioning: Cushioning in the midsole and outsole of the shoe will alleviate the impact on your foot when you land. This can help with any imbalances in pronation or supination.
  • Arch Support: Shoes made for supination should have solid midsoles plus extra cushioning around the arch area. This provides extra stability, reducing strain on the foot muscles.
  • Outer Material: The outer material should be sturdy and comfortable. Opt for water-resistant materials like mesh fabric, synthetic leathers, and suedes.
  • Sole Grip: Non-marking rubber soles are ideal for strenuous activities. They give more control when changing direction quickly – something that’s important when dealing with anomalies in pronation or supination.


Runners who supinate need shoes that cushion well. This helps them keep proper alignment and avoid aches and fatigue. When shoe-shopping for supination, get something with:

  • Good shock absorption and thick midsole foam.
  • A cushioned, secure heel counter.
  • Outsole traction to stop slipping.
  • Flexibility for natural movement on all surfaces.

Arch support

People who over-supinate when running need good arch support. Wearing shoes with the right arch support helps reduce injury risk. It helps to spread weight evenly and make running more natural.

When shopping for running shoes, look for ones with a bigger midsole for support and cushioning. Also look for a snug fit at the heel, EVA cushioning and rubber outsoles that can handle different surfaces. Some brands offer custom options like removable/adjustable insoles so you can get the perfect fit.

Motion control

Individuals with supination, also known as underpronation, need extra stability and support in their running shoes. Motion control or stability running shoes are ideal for them. These provide cushioning, and limit pronation from occurring. They are heavier than other styles, and have features like built-in arch support, durable outsole, and thick shock absorption. Specialized models are available from many manufacturers.

When selecting motion control running shoes for supination, features such as lace platform/wrap system and medial post can make a difference. Choose your perfect pair of motion control running shoes in 2023!


To prevent supination when selecting running shoes, it’s key to know your pronation type and foot shape. Look for generous cushioning and stability features like a wide heel base and arch support. Think about the sole material, breathability, and durability too. Stick to brands with good customer service so you can exchange them if they’re not comfy or don’t last.

Taking all this into account will help find the perfect running shoe for your feet and pronation type. Get the right shoes and you’ll be on your way to running without any pain!


What type of running shoe should a supinator wear?

A supinator should wear a running shoe that provides stability and support. These shoes typically have a firmer midsole and a more rigid structure, which helps to control the foot and prevent it from rolling inward too much. Some examples of shoes that are well-suited for supinators include the Asics Gel Kayano, the Brooks Adrenaline, and the New Balance 860.

Is supination good for running?

Supination itself is not necessarily good or bad for running. However, excessive supination can cause problems, such as pain in the foot, ankle, or leg, and can lead to injuries.

How do I fix my supination when running?

To fix supination when running, a runner can try several strategies, such as wearing the right shoes, using orthotics or other types of insoles, and engaging in exercises that target the muscles and ligaments of the foot and ankle. Strengthening the muscles in the feet and ankles can help to reduce the amount of supination that occurs when running.

What is a good shoe for Underpronation?

Shoes for underpronation, also known as shoes for neutral runners, are typically more flexible and cushioned than those for supinators. They allow the foot to move more naturally and provide shock absorption for the impact of running. Some examples of shoes for underpronation include the Nike Pegasus, the Adidas Ultra Boost, and the Hoka One One Clifton.

Can shoes correct supination?

Shoes can help to correct supination to some extent by providing stability and support for the foot. However, they cannot completely cure the problem and should be used in conjunction with other strategies, such as strengthening exercises, to help correct supination.

Are Skechers good for supination?

Skechers are a popular brand of shoes, but their suitability for supination will depend on the specific model and the individual runner. Some Skechers shoes have features that can be beneficial for supinators, such as stability and support, while others may not be suitable for this type of foot.

Do supinators need arch support?

Yes, supinators typically need arch support, as this helps to control the amount of inward rolling of the foot that occurs when running. Arch support can be provided through the use of orthotics, insoles, or other types of shoe inserts.

Is it better to pronate or Supinate?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on the individual and their specific needs. Some people may find that supination is better for them, while others may find that pronation is better. Factors such as foot structure, running mechanics, and personal comfort will all play a role in determining which is better for each person.

Does supination cause hip problems?

Supination can lead to hip problems if the condition is not corrected and allowed to continue. When the foot rolls inward excessively, it can cause the rest of the body to compensate, leading to imbalances and pain in the hips and other areas.

What muscles are weak in foot supination?

Weak muscles in the feet and ankles can contribute to supination. These muscles include the peroneals, the tibialis anterior, and the tibialis posterior. Strengthening these muscles can help to reduce the amount of supination that occurs and reduce the risk of injury.

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